A Demonstration of Exceptional Service Delivery

Just last week, we travelled to London England for a series of business meetings. We had an opportunity to stay at the Metropolitan, one of our Client's, (COMO Hotels) properties. Well located, this is not by any means the most expensive or elaborate of the many five-star hotels in the area. The Metropolitan does understand service, and I doubt that any property could exceed their expertise in this area.

Examples: a doorman who not only greets you, but ushers the bags and your party through the entranceway, all the while holding an umbrella so that you do not get a drop of rain on you (no small feat!); a front desk team that greets you warmly, not just superficially, escorting you to your room where, not surprisingly, your bags are already set out; a personal welcome from the General Manager with a welcome bottle of wine with a letter that is handwritten and clearly thought out; a well-timed call from the concierge to ask you if you needed any help with dinner reservations. It just went on and on. If there were any faults in the room, you could not even think of them.

Any company can spend the necessary funds to develop and build a hotel. The key differentiator in the luxury world is the continued focus on service. As we have said to hoteliers all over the world, and to paraphrase Captain Kirk of the Star Trek genre: “Service…The Final Frontier…”

To Thomas Orchard and his Team, well done!

Larry MogelonskyA Demonstration of Exceptional Service Delivery