Apple vs. PC?

A few hours (well, perhaps days) were spent in the office installing some new hardware. We purchased a new HP for Accounting (Sage software regretfully is not Mac friendly) and two new Mac’s for the Studio. Luckily, Dale Jeffries, our CTO was at the helm for the PC install. Despite the pre-install of Microsoft Office by the folks at Future Shop, the PC installation was fraught with frustration and illogic. On the other hand, the Macs installed almost by themselves. We need PC’s. Why? They keep thousands of IT people employed around the country installing and managing them. If everyone was on Apple, there would be no need for these jobs. And Apple technical support (via telephone) has to rank as the best in the universe. Thanks to Dale. Thanks to Steve Jobs. Advise for anyone: get a Mac.


Larry MogelonskyApple vs. PC?