Book Review: Llamas Rule – A New Tool for Hoteliers

What the Book Is About

We live in a rapidly changing world. The spread of mobile and internet-based tools has altered how customers discover and purchase new products. If your business does not adapt to meet this latest consumer revolution, you will be left behind. Specifically for the hospitality industry, hoteliers and aspiring hoteliers must be able to comprehend how all aspects of hotel operations are impacted.

The inspiration for “Llamas Rule” is to give hoteliers a new tool in their arsenal– one that takes into account all the recent changes to our system of commerce. This is not an introductory textbook on the hospitality industry, but rather a compilation of selected topics that highlight both modern success stories and potential pitfalls.

This book will bolster your management skills by explaining many of the sales, marketing, branding, technological and psychological principles at work behind such contemporary facets of hotel operations as websites, online travel agencies, internet-based sales channels and mobile apps as well as the more traditional aspects like on-site amenities, guestroom features, F&B, reservations, housekeeping and the front desk operations.

Above all, it is stressed that the success of a property, even with all that has changed in recent years, nonetheless depends on the relationship a hotel fosters with its guests. This is the hotelier’s guidebook that recognizes future developments while celebrating the past.

Quotes from the Industry about Llamas Rule

Entertaining and insightful. An enjoyable, practical read for aspiring hoteliers and those passionate about our beloved industry.
– Alan Fuerstman, President & CEO, Montage Hotels & Resorts

A great read for young and seasoned hotel management alike – definitely pulls your mind outside of the daily routine. The various sections of Larry’s book make it easy to reference different concepts and ideas.
– Heather McCrory, Senior Vice President, Operations, Americas, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Larry Mogelonsky reminds us that the service experience is the key differentiator between a good brand experience and a great brand experience. A valuable, well-written book with important insights for anyone in the world of hospitality.
– Larry Light, Global Chief Brands Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group

Anyone associated with the hotel industry would benefit tremendously by reading “Llamas Rule”. Larry brilliantly articulates why outstanding guest engagement and experiences translate to strong revenue streams and better margins. He is focused and logical, but also fun and entertaining. A must read for any hotelier!
– Marco Selva, General Manager, St. Regis Bal Harbour

(Article published by Larry Mogelonsky in eHotelier on September 26, 2013)

Larry MogelonskyBook Review: Llamas Rule – A New Tool for Hoteliers