BOOKS Three books, written by Larry Mogelonsky, provide ample ways for your team to learn more about hotel marketing and management.

Targeted at hotel management, these books serve as a platform for discussion on current issues relating to the performance of hotels and resorts. Through a combination of real life examples and an examination of current challenges facing the hotel industry, the three books combine to provide  400 individual segments each dedicated to a single thought or concept. Purchase the books online from here:  Our latest, Hotel Llama, as well as Llamas Rule and Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?

ONLINE HOSPITALITY TRAINING is an online program that covers the 400 topics covered in Larry’s three hospitality texts, Hotel Llama, Llamas Rule and Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?

With this interactive program, instructors and hospitality educators can utilize all of the material in this text as a training program for their respective staff and students. Totally online, instructors select their assignment and the questions for each. There are up to ten questions available for each assignment, and students respond online, minimizing paper and eliminating delivery issues. Visit the site at