Brightlights shine Brighter

Brightlights Inc. is a human resource firm located in downtown Toronto. LMA designed and has managed their site for several years. Brightlights communication was thoughtfully managed, with their primary emphasis on an electronic newsletter.

With the increasing sophistication of blog technology, and the communications focus towards more immediate “newsworthy” information, the electronic newsletter became less than optimal. After all, a newsletter format is defined by a number of articles linked together in a structure or format. Just like its predecessor, the print newsletter, the enewsletter has become obsolete. The recipient has less time to read and therefore less time to browse an index of articles. Thus the blog structure! Each article is released when completed. Recipients see the blog article and elect to read or not read. There is no time wasted or delay. As an added bonus, Brightlights is profiled with its constituency far more often than a quarterly enewsletter.

The blog was designed to carefully integrate into the core site and utilizes standard blog programs. Visit to read more from Brightlights Inc.

Jerry GrymekBrightlights shine Brighter