Colby Watch: He’s Getting Better!

LMA was saddened to learn that Colby, our beloved llama at StillPointe Sanctuary in Silverdale, WA, suffered a minor stroke early this summer. In case you hadn’t heard, LMA adopted the all-white, lovable llama back in January through the StillPointe Sancutary Adoption Program. Colby was malnourished before being brought to StillPointe and we are proud to sponsor such a resilient animal.

Although his gentle disposition was unaltered by this event, it has been hard for the 20 year old llama to recover his sense of balance and appetite. Fortunately, we have just received news that Colby’s strength is returning in full force. Everyone is confident that Colby will remain a fixture at StillPointe for years to come! For information on StillPointe and their llama adoption program, visit

PRColby Watch: He’s Getting Better!