Festivals Abound! LMA Launches Two Sites for Conservation Halton

LMA has launched two new festival websites for Conservation Halton. Conservation Halton is the community-based environmental agency that protects, restores and manages the natural resources in its watershed, and is the proud organizer of the Halton Childern’s Water Festival and Halton Forest Festival.

The new specs necessitated a joint login hub given that both sites were run from the same team, which is one of the foremost benefits of a multi-site management feature. As part of the branding design, LMA introduced a more playful and inviting look to match the Festival themes.

Built with the Expression Engine 2 platform and incorporating a multi-site manager, the content-managed website allow for easy updating of Festival events, details, sponsor levels and forms. Additions include a table of Sponsor levels and thorough social media integration.

To browse the new Water Festival site visit, and to view the Forest Festival site visit

Jerry GrymekFestivals Abound! LMA Launches Two Sites for Conservation Halton