Grammar Please!

I remember Grade 10, Miss Theaker's English Class. Wow, that lady was a stickler for grammar. And, we hated every minute of it. Too bad there are not a lot more Miss Theaker's out there! The substance of the application letters that we receive here is, well, abysmal.  This being said, the grammar in most letters that are received here do not meet even the basic standards. Too bad. Nothing lowers your reputation faster than a letter that has obvious grammatical errors. Interestingly, spell checking has rendered the “typo” almost obsolete, yet the “grammo” seems to be a little bit more sticky!

What is the correct salutation for an email? How does it differ from a traditional business letter? And who cares in any event?

Say you are sending a letter to me. Correct salutations on an email (no preference):

  • Dear Larry,
  • Larry
  • (just nothing…start right in!)

But never start as:

  • Hey Larry,
  • Hey,

It pays to proof read everything that you send electronically. Too often we receive responses drafted on a Blackberry, iPhone or similar device. Brevity such as substituting “u” for “you” should not be tolerated, nor should multiple typos. If you need to respond quickly, and do not have the time to make it right, then just respond with the answer “Busy now, will respond later.”

Larry MogelonskyGrammar Please!