Has the Sales Brochure Reached the End of its Shelf Life?

The recent completion of a “rack” brochure for the Holiday Inn Red Deer gave us pause for thought: what ever happened to the brochure as a key selling tool? What are the differences in communications between a customer’s web site and their print materials?

While the web has become the de facto sales tool in the hospitality industry, the brochure has not died and gone away. Brochures are still used as point of sale, inserts into sales kits, direct response mechanisms and in other marketing programs where the Internet is not suitable. A great sales brochure utilizes photography to provide depth of sale, while communicating product quality and key features/benefits.

We do notice, however, the decline of brochures. In hotel marketing, the rack brochure (called rack as that is the way they were traditionally presented to the guest) is still produced, but no longer in the traditional vertical format…thus the rack is obsolete. And print quantities are down dramatically. So, while the shelf may have been replaced by a flat surface, obviously rendering the shelf life question moot, the brochure remains. But for how long? Our prediction: the iPad will be the replacement. Sell your shares in printing companies!

Larry MogelonskyHas the Sales Brochure Reached the End of its Shelf Life?