Inn at a Glance Launches New Service Alerts Feature

Version 2.5.3. has now officially launched, fit with the new Service Alerts feature, which gaurantees that managers are able to respond to guest requests and maintenance issues in the timeliest manner possible. This recent system enhancement provides the following user benefits:

  • Specific issues can be identified and brought to the attention of managers across all departments, allowing for a coordination of efforts.
  • As soon as problems are relayed to hotel staff, the front desk is also notified.
  • Resolved and unresolved items can be organized by a color-coded system.
  • Past service alerts are archived in the system, allowing the property to keep an accurate record of all items.

Contact our sales team to try a free 30-day trial of the Inn at a Glance software suite and see for yourself how Service Alerts will help your hotel.

Jerry GrymekInn at a Glance Launches New Service Alerts Feature