LMA’s New SuperDogs Website

Same bark, more bite! LMA is pleased to announce our re-designed website for the SuperDogs. 

For over 35 years, SuperDogs® has captured headlines across the globe as America’s most beloved feature attraction at international-level events.  Touring constantly across North America, the show consists of the family pets of over 150 experienced trainers.  They may be stars with four legs – but their athleticism and delightful antics provide a unique marketing showcase for audiences in the millions.

The fully responsive site, EE2 site is tri-lingual and features stunning photography as well as custom graphics designed to to capture the all the SuperDogs fun! With a fully integrated Tour Schedule and Blog, fans can follow the SuperDogs and catch them perform at a venue nearby.

Click here to check it our for yourself!

Jerry GrymekLMA’s New SuperDogs Website