Mad Men

This AMC Cable Show is almost worth the premium cable price. If you have not watched it, or have seen it only infrequently, you are missing one of the true treats on the tube (is it still called that, even though it is a monitor?). I was not in the business during the period the show portrays… I was still in public school. So, it is amazing to see how the ad business operated. It is amazing that anyone who lived through that era is still alive, given all the alcohol and cigarettes that were consumed.
What is most provocative is the role of women. In today’s business, women and men are equals (if they are not in your business, you’re a Neanderthal); so too for religion and race (by every legal and moral right). This was not so in the early 1960’s, and that was only two generations ago. When will we see the first female President of the United States, or the CEO of a top five advertising agency?

Larry MogelonskyMad Men