Meet Colby!

LMA would like to welcome to the family our adopted llama, Colby. He is an all white 20 year old gelding and lives at the StillPointe Sanctuary in Silverdale, WA.

He was brought to live there recently when he was badly mistreated. His llama partner died from the poor living conditions and he was left to live alone for four years, during which time he was not fed, cleaned or given proper shelter. He ate every plant in the garden for moisture to survive!

The marks on his face are scars from neglect- caused by wearing a halter that was too small for that extended period of time. But, he was saved when brought to the StillPointe Sanctuary for help. The vet was surprised he was able to survive for so long and he now gets drops and ointment for his weepy eye once a week, along with proper llama pellets, care and friends to play with. His favorite foods are blackberry bushes, carrots and chopped apples.

He is lucky to have been brought to StillPointe for help and now can enjoy the rest of his life being well-loved and taken care of!

LMA is proud to be helping support the care for Colby through the StillPointe Sanctuary Adoption Program. For more information about StillPointe Sanctuary, Colby and other adopted llamas please visit

PRMeet Colby!