Sad News About Our Colby

Here is the news we received this morning:

With great sadness I must report that Colby went over The Rainbow Bridge on Monday, August 29.

When I returned to the farm from our county fair on Sunday night, I found him lying down and struggling to get up.  He appeared to have suffered another stroke and was having trouble breathing.  We got him into his enclosure and checked on him through the night.  There was no change by the morning and he was obviously suffering.  Our vet came out at 1:30 PM and euthanised him.  He was a fighter and a survivor to the end.  Our webmaster, Paul Jarvis and his wife, Lisa as well as five of our loyal volunteers were all here to say goodbye.  Colby knew he was loved.

Colby was one of a kind.  He will always be remembered here for his sweet disposition and zest for life.  He is sorely missed.

You will be receiving a memorial package within a week.

Thank you for caring about this wonderful creature.

Kindest regards,

Chela Jane Grey

PRSad News About Our Colby