SoHo Luxury Condominiums Site Debut


LMA is pleased to announce the launch of a website for SoHo Luxury Condominiums in Ottawa, ON. In designing the new site it was very important to match the look and feel of the SoHo brand, and as such a minimal colour palette and design elements were employed. By using large imagery, we were able to better showcase imagery that reflects both the luxurious product and lifestyle of SoHo Condos. The design is responsive and will work beautifully on a laptop, desktop or iPad. A mobile companion is in development. 

This website merges three separate websites (SoHo Parkway, SoHo Lisgar and SoHo Champagne) into one unified site. The site features information about each property,  construction updates, a blog, customized maps and registration forms, photo galleries, video testimonials and full social media integration. The site was built using Expression Engine and is fully content manageable. Click here to visit the website.

Jerry GrymekSoHo Luxury Condominiums Site Debut