Specialty Website for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

We are pleased to introduce an innovative web site designed for one purpose: to announce special and exclusive offers for our client Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. The impetus for this site was Ojai Valley Inn & Spa’s exclusive Black Friday Sale. On November 26, for one day only, the entry form will be made available and will offer great deals on regular room rates.

The web site incorporates two integral functions in a clean and easy format. First, it integrates an announcement phase to build anticipation for a sale. Second, it acts as a booking destination to access the “on sale” inventory. Using the Wibya plug-in, which is the bottom navigation toolbar, the site embraces all of the latest social marketing networks and applications. It is also fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad. These are technological platforms that did not exist half a year ago. Please visit the site to see for yourself.

Jerry GrymekSpecialty Website for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa