The Latest Traveling Companion: Your Pet!

Everyone knows that pets make excellent companions at home, yet there is now a growing trend of dog and cat owners who are adamant about traveling with their furry friends. Finding pet friendly accommodations in North America is a big concern for vacationing pet owners. With this in mind, we would like to highlight three of our client hotels with special accommodations for your pets.

Windtower Lodge (Canmore, Alberta) has an official ‘Pets Can Stay’ policy. Their ‘Pawshe Pooch Spaw’ is a luxury day spa program for your dog that includes grooming, bathing and brushing. The hotel also offers in-suite dog beds and a welcome bag with doggy treats. Your pet is guaranteed to have fun exploring the ample wilderness of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Visit for more information.

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (Ojai, California) has five-diamond doggy room service to truly pamper your pet. This ‘Woof Friendly Package’ includes a special turndown service and several recreational areas to exercise your canine companion. As well, their gourmet pet menu includes scrumptious snacks such as jerky treats, petite New York steaks and baked salmon. Visit for more information.

When in New York City with your pet, Hotel Pennsylvania is the place to be. The property annually hosts the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, accommodating hundreds of prized pure breeds that stay for the prestigious affair. Besides this yearly event, Hotel Pennsylvania is one of the few lodgings in Manhattan that accepts pets of any size. They have a dog friendly check-in service where your pet is greeted with a special welcome treat to make him or her feel right at home. Visit for more information.

All properties indicate significant business response to these cost effective initiatives.

Jerry GrymekThe Latest Traveling Companion: Your Pet!