The Value of a Great Producer

We recently completed a photo shoot for our Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. The focus of the shoot was our upcoming Fall 2010 print ad campaign. While the focus of our client was the photographer, clearly a critical component for success, one cannot underestimate the value of the shoot producer. Here, we were blessed with Bill Henderson. We've known Bill for 20+ years. His professionalism is beyond reproach, and he gets our own 5-diamond recommendation.

For this particular shoot, we solicited bids from three photographers, all outstanding in the field of resort photography. We selected Madeline Vite (, supported by Bill Henderson ( Both worked well together, and as a result the shoot was a strong success. In an era of digital photography, one tends to forget that the photographer does not operate alone. Apart from the hired models, Bill managed a talented crew including: wardrobe, stylist, make up, digital technologists, and lighting. In all, in addition to the photographer, some twelve professionals were required to complete the assignment.

The results? Exceptional photos that exceeded our expectations.

Larry MogelonskyThe Value of a Great Producer