Tiger, Tiger. Burning Bright

Mr. Woods has borne the brunt of so many jokes. And it is difficult, if not impossible to come to his rescue and condone whatever indiscretions the man has committed. What is most interesting is observing the response of the advertising community: The immediate rejection of him; the loss of his “squeaky-clean” reputation and the apparent corporate absolution that comes from an association with him. He’s on a hiatus from golf now. But when he returns and starts to win everything in sight, will the sponsors respond? My bet is for Tiger. Not only will the advertisers come back, but his PR Team (and he can afford anyone) will find a solution that makes him look like a genius. Think back…. Bill Clinton is a superstar…Monica who? We’ll see Tiger as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Larry MogelonskyTiger, Tiger. Burning Bright