What to do When a Client Contact Leaves the Business

Many of our clients have been with us many years. Long-standing relationships with individuals who represent the clients very often translate into friendships. In a recent experience, a key client contact left the business. Sad as it was, business goes on. What can you do?
First, business is business, and you have responsibilities. You need to ensure that there is no breakdown in service. Replacement personnel need to be brought up to speed. Projects cannot miss deadlines.
At the same time, your friend may need your help. Depending upon the circumstances, this could include references, recommendations and even referrals to another job. In the latter case, be careful to ensure that you exclude direct competitors to the business you are still involved with!
Remember, relationships are with people, not businesses. Never bad-mouth someone who leaves for any circumstance. Bad words have a tendency to boomerang.

Larry MogelonskyWhat to do When a Client Contact Leaves the Business