Who Is The Doggie Concierge?

Each year, thousands of dogs converge on Manhattan for the biggest canine-centric event of the year: The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Now in its 135th year, the 2011 event features 179 breeds all vying for Best in Class and the eternally coveted Best in Show. Held at Madison Square Garden, this Olympics of dog shows takes place over two packed and frenzied days on February 14-15.


Today marks the day when the contestants start to arrive in the Big Apple and get settled. As highlighted on the national news and in the aptly named movie Best in Show, there are tons of high jinks both on and off stage. With Murphy’s Law in full effect, someone has to stand guard to make sure that everything goes according to plan. And that man is LMA’s own Jerry Grymek, the Doggie Concierge.

One of LMA’s clients plays a pivotal role for Westminster. New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania is not only the city’s fourth largest hotel with 1700 rooms, but is located across the street from Penn Station and MSG. As such, it’s the ideal place to stay for the show with your furry friend. And the hotel is more than happy to oblige.

All contenders staying at the hotel are given access to the Doggie Spaw (that’s Spa for us humans) to help their coats keep clean and well-groomed as well as put their minds at ease. The Westminster is a lot of pressure after all! These champion pups are treated to massages, exercise regimens or they can even consult an animal communicator. So for the week leading up to the show, Jerry is running around, assisting everywhere he is needed. He even handles special late night dog food requests such as burgers or pepperoni pizza.

For the past seven years, Jerry has taken on the responsibility as Doggie Concierge, but he also handles public relations for the big event. He coordinates a fashion show for canine couture, a “Paw Mall” which acts as a bazaar of clothes and jewelry catered to dogs, and a press conference to announce the new breeds to this year’s show – Boykin Spaniel, Bluetick Coonhound, Redbone Coonhound, Cane Corso, Leonberger and Icelandic Sheepdog. Jerry also strives to make each year of Westminster a unique experience for two-legged and four-legged guests alike. This time around he’s organized a Pet Writing Conference featuring a reading of the award-winning book “Custard and Mustard” about a bulldog exploring Coney Island.

Jerry touched down in New York this morning and is already on site, helping all dogs woof their way to victory. For more extensive coverage of Jerry’s involvement with the affair, visit Hotel Interactive. And be sure to tune in and watch the Westminster Dog Show on television next week!

PRWho Is The Doggie Concierge?