Wish You Were Here

One of our llamas is having her first solo art show!  Sam Mogelonsky, who completed her BFA at Queen’s University and her MFA in London, England, will premiere her sculptural exhibition entitled “Wish You Were Here” from August 31st to September 24th. 

The goal of the show is to transport the viewer into an imaginary space built around the travel narrative through the construction of island sculptures merged with humorous kitsch objects.  This ‘Glitter Island World’ is made from wood, plaster, paint, epoxy sculpt, tinsel, ribbon, glow wire and varnish.  One of the islands is even built on a robot!  To complete the theme, Sam has included postcards, travel trinkets, her alabaster roses, a molten bronze typewriter and a brilliant blue ‘Wish You Were Here’ sign made of acrylic and neon.  All told, this exhibit represents well over 500 hours of Sam’s time outside of office hours. 

As for the Red Head Gallery, it is now entering its twentieth year as a collectively-run art gallery with over 200 exhibitions.  Sam is also the Chair of Communication for the gallery.  Come celebrate Sam’s first solo show with a reception on September 8th from 6pm to 9pm.

You can also follow Sam on Twitter and Tumblr.

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