Olympic Torch Relay Fever

We're not overly crazy for events such as the Olympics.  Perhaps there is just a little too much hype.  However, RBC's Olympic Torch Relay is one of the best sponsorship examples that we have seen:  professional and exceptionally well executed.  So when the Olympic Torch Relay went past our office yesterday, we could not help but stop work (it was after 5PM in any event) and go out to witness the processional.  What really amazed us was three things:  First, how kind the advance police presence was, how they asked everyone to move back, politely (even using the word please).  Second, how the crowd (and it was huge) responded spontaneously to the appearance of the Olympic Flame.  And finally, how people with disabilities are treated with total equality and respect, as seeing a torch-bearer in a wheelchair was not even considered unusual.  Full commendation to all. Click here to watch …

Larry MogelonskyOlympic Torch Relay Fever

Llama Launches Zareinu Website

We are pleased to announce that a new web site has been created for Zareinu Educational Centre.  This worthwhile organization in North Toronto region provides essential learning services for special children in need.  Their operations are funded from community donations, as quite often, parents are unable to afford the appropriate services.  This web site embraces all that Zareinu offers, as well as serving as a portal for parents and special events.  Please visit http://www.zareinu.org.

Jerry GrymekLlama Launches Zareinu Website

Llama Launches Touring Israel Website

Touring Israel specializes in custom tailored private tours for families, individuals, and groups.  Itineraries are focused on the client's specific guideline and interests, kind of like how we build customized websites for our clients.  View our new website at http://www.touringisrael.com

Jerry GrymekLlama Launches Touring Israel Website

Llama Launches Dine Magazine Website

DINE is Toronto's leading magazine for reaching active food lovers who enjoy the dining out experience.  Sara Waxman, renowned tastemaker and travel journalist, brings more than 30 years of knowledge to the table, and then invites the reader to join her as she tastes and tells.  Vide our new website at http://www.dinemagazine.ca

Jerry GrymekLlama Launches Dine Magazine Website

Hello’s and Goodbye’s in Llama Land

As the end of the year 2009 approaches, Llama Land has been busier than ever!  However, we want to take this time to say our Hello's and Goodbye's in the LMA family. We are pleased and excited to have two individuals join the “herd” in the New Year.  Allison Wills will be joining as an Account Executive working on Ojai Valley Inn & Spa amongst other projects.  Lindsay Tessis, will be joining us as a PR Account Executive, working on Como Hotels and Grenada Tourism.  Allison and Lindsay, welcome abroad to the family! As we have new llamas, we also have a cria leaving the LMA family.  Monica, our Intern from Dalhousie University, will be going back to classes in the New Year, but will rejoin us as a more senior cria next summer.  Monica, don't learn any new bad habits and let's just say bye for now!

PRHello’s and Goodbye’s in Llama Land