LMA is 19!

We are very happy to be celebrating our 19th anniversary this year. The llama is now a ‘young adult’ and able to legally drive, vote and drink in Canada! If our llama were to head to university this year, he would go with confidence, maturity and the wisdom that comes with 19 years experience, gained by working through infancy to adulthood. We have grown from a home office to an agency with upwards of twenty staff members, which allows us to offer a wealth of experience and originality to our clients. We have changed locations, logos, and evolved in our corporate strategy to now market ourselves with a confidently creative persona. We have diversified our client roster to include hospitality, travel, education and services. Perhaps the greatest changes for us as we reach our 19th year are the range of services we are now able to offer to our clients, …

Larry MogelonskyLMA is 19!

You just posted the new web site. Why am I not listed on Google?

Yes, we get questions like that! Here is a detailed response, this thanks to my SEO Team: 1) Organic SEO Has Two Legs: A real and proper *organic* SEO campaign requires much more than Meta tags. In fact, Meta Tags are largely irrelevant these days. SEO has 2 main legs: One: On-site SEO and Two: Off-site SEO. There are literally hundreds of tweaks we can do on any given site, but this requires an entire SEO proposal in itself because of its very time consuming nature. The more important part of SEO is off-site optimization. That is, other sites linking to you and you linking to other sites. This requires a web business development plan. 2) Organic Optimization Can Take Up to 1 Year: Assuming that the site is fully optimized both on-site and off-site, appearing on the first page of Google can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks, but can …

Larry MogelonskyYou just posted the new web site. Why am I not listed on Google?

Meet Colby!

LMA would like to welcome to the family our adopted llama, Colby. He is an all white 20 year old gelding and lives at the StillPointe Sanctuary in Silverdale, WA. He was brought to live there recently when he was badly mistreated. His llama partner died from the poor living conditions and he was left to live alone for four years, during which time he was not fed, cleaned or given proper shelter. He ate every plant in the garden for moisture to survive! The marks on his face are scars from neglect- caused by wearing a halter that was too small for that extended period of time. But, he was saved when brought to the StillPointe Sanctuary for help. The vet was surprised he was able to survive for so long and he now gets drops and ointment for his weepy eye once a week, along with proper llama …

PRMeet Colby!

Llama Launches Solace Spa Web Site

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new web site for the Solace Spa and Salon in Red Deer Alberta. This genesis of this site is to differentiate the Spa of the Holiday Inn Red Deer, thereby growing business volume through a unique web presence. The site utilizes several features standard on web sites: database collection for e-newsletters, meta tag management for social marketing and content management systems.  Visit this site at  

Jerry GrymekLlama Launches Solace Spa Web Site

Another Llama for our Herd

Sam Mogelonsky joins LMA as our Studio Manager. Sam holds a BFAH from Queen’s University and an MA from Central St. Martin’s College in London, UK. Her past experience includes working at McGill Studio at MacLaren McCann. The job of studio manager is part art, part science; part arbitrator, part taskmaster. It will be interesting to see the combination of creative and organizational skills at work. Sam is the third new hire for LMA in the past few weeks. The new team is terrific and we’re eager to see what they can accomplish.

PRAnother Llama for our Herd

Apple vs. PC?

A few hours (well, perhaps days) were spent in the office installing some new hardware. We purchased a new HP for Accounting (Sage software regretfully is not Mac friendly) and two new Mac’s for the Studio. Luckily, Dale Jeffries, our CTO was at the helm for the PC install. Despite the pre-install of Microsoft Office by the folks at Future Shop, the PC installation was fraught with frustration and illogic. On the other hand, the Macs installed almost by themselves. We need PC’s. Why? They keep thousands of IT people employed around the country installing and managing them. If everyone was on Apple, there would be no need for these jobs. And Apple technical support (via telephone) has to rank as the best in the universe. Thanks to Dale. Thanks to Steve Jobs. Advise for anyone: get a Mac.  

Larry MogelonskyApple vs. PC?

2010: Twenty Ten or Two Thousand and Ten?

I heard Brian Williams debate this issue on NBC Nightly News. As if this was an issue. We have been in the “Nineteen’s” for the past century. Now we are in the “Twenties” I guess. The Blue Jays won the series in Nineteen Ninety-Two and again the following year. And I can’t even remember when the Leafs last won or care for that matter, as this year we have the Twenty Ten Olympics. Brian who writes your material, or was it a slow day?

Larry Mogelonsky2010: Twenty Ten or Two Thousand and Ten?

Tiger, Tiger. Burning Bright

Mr. Woods has borne the brunt of so many jokes. And it is difficult, if not impossible to come to his rescue and condone whatever indiscretions the man has committed. What is most interesting is observing the response of the advertising community: The immediate rejection of him; the loss of his “squeaky-clean” reputation and the apparent corporate absolution that comes from an association with him. He’s on a hiatus from golf now. But when he returns and starts to win everything in sight, will the sponsors respond? My bet is for Tiger. Not only will the advertisers come back, but his PR Team (and he can afford anyone) will find a solution that makes him look like a genius. Think back…. Bill Clinton is a superstar…Monica who? We’ll see Tiger as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Larry MogelonskyTiger, Tiger. Burning Bright