Stonehaven Takes Flight

LMA is pleased to announce its newest client (and web site), Stonehaven Bermuda. This new development in Hamilton Bermuda combines the luxury of a 5-star hotel, with the convenience of an office. Our goal is to effectively launch this property to the international business community. Visit

Jerry GrymekStonehaven Takes Flight

The LLAMA Massages A New Look for Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario Web Sites

We are excited to launch new and improved web sites for both the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario and its genesis, Registered Massage Therapist Finder web site. We redesigned the two sites according to their new logo and brand standards.   The Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario works to advance the massage therapy profession in Ontario. Registered massage therapists assist in rehabilitation, promote recovery and help reduce stress for individuals. Visit and

Jerry GrymekThe LLAMA Massages A New Look for Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario Web Sites

The LLAMA Creates A New Web Presence for SCFG

The new web site represents Sinclair-Cockburn Financial Group’s (SCFG) one-stop approach with a Live Chat option, ‘Request a Quote’ feature, President’s Blog and more. The design was also applied to their e-newsletter capabilities, enabling SCFG to maintain their new branding with their client news updates.   SCFG is a privately-held financial services company in Toronto. The company offers a one-stop financial service shopping from personal insurance solutions to various financial solutions. Visit the new site at

Jerry GrymekThe LLAMA Creates A New Web Presence for SCFG

LMA Gets Real Estate in Gear for Barry Cohen

If you are a homeowner, or, if you are contemplating a home purchase, home valuation is a perennial hot topic. LMA built the Barry Cohen Real Estate blog several months ago. Now, we're expanding upon the blog with a series of double page spread ads that not only raise awareness for the questions that some might ask regarding home valuation, but as well, show what is available for sale in the market today. Here is the latest advertisement.

Jerry GrymekLMA Gets Real Estate in Gear for Barry Cohen

LMA’s Kensington Tours Ad Ranks #3 in Travel & Leisure Survey

Travel & Leisure conducts research on advertising effectiveness. These studies, conducted by MRI, provide advertisers with insight as to the communications success of their creative. Recently, an ad that LMA produced for Kensington Tours was researched with exceptionally positive results. In fact, out of the 50+ ads tested in the issue, Kensington Tours was the category leader and ranked “#3 for action taken after reading” and “#5 for read.” We attribute this success to the “Nutritional Guide” set up of the ad, allowing us to present a series of complicated benefits to private guided touring, without clutter and confusion. Here is the latest ad in our “Food for Thought” series for this client.

Jerry GrymekLMA’s Kensington Tours Ad Ranks #3 in Travel & Leisure Survey


With the launch of Inn at a Glance hospitality dashboard software last week, we felt it important to build a site to demonstrate the critical components of the product. The site,, not only allows for you to explore each of the sections of the site, but as well, order a 30 day no-obligation trial. A video demonstration was also developed to ensure that those who wanted an overview only were accommodated.


Inn at a Glance to be launched at HITEC

We will be launching our newest hospitality dashboard at the HITEC Show later this month in Orlando. If you are interested in a demonstration either at the show, or online, please call us.

Larry MogelonskyInn at a Glance to be launched at HITEC

The Magic and Wonder of the Cocoa Islands, Maldives

If you were to ask yourself what makes a vacation great, what would you respond with. To some it’s the activities: to others, the local sights and people you meet. It can be hard to find a destination that encompasses entertainment, local culture and uniqueness. From the fine white sand to the picture perfect views from every angle of the island, Cocoa Islands is a magnificent, magical and unique resort. The Maldives consists of a group of atolls and islands located on Southern Asia, within the Indian Ocean. From the main airport, Male International, Cocoa Islands is situated 45 minutes away by speedboat, which enhances the private nature of the island. I am still in awe as to how amazing our time was there. From the moment we were met at the airport to the drop off, the entire experience was a combination of ‘a luxury retreat’ meets ‘Robinson Crusoe’ …

PRThe Magic and Wonder of the Cocoa Islands, Maldives

Inn at a Glance Just Launched

LMA is pleased to give a sneak preview of its newest product: Inn at a Glance This management tool allows owners, general managers and team leaders access to most critical operating information on one single dashboard. Inn at a Glance can replace numerous different printed reports, reducing paperwork and improving inter-departmental awareness/communications. By providing a single portal to all operational areas, management can get a “birds-eye” view, identify areas for follow up and plan for the future. Features: • One single, secure access to both “hard” and “soft” data • Easy-to-upload; no programming required • Allows for multiple levels of access: master control and varying degrees of access • Secure https site; protects data confidentiality • Allows for 24 hour operations • Links to key social media and additional sites such as Trip Advisor For demo access, call us.

Larry MogelonskyInn at a Glance Just Launched

A Mini Site for Mini Grills

A new summer BBQ product, Mini Grills are a great and cost effective way to entertain. Quality Meats asked LMA to produce a web site that takes full advantage of social media, with a summer entertaining blog and consumer contest forming the core of the site design. Coupled with cost per click advertising, public relations, Facebook and Twitter, Mini Grills will be presented in a very unique way to their Canadian target audience. The site is cross-linked to the core client site Enter the contest…you could win!

Jerry GrymekA Mini Site for Mini Grills