The Subtle Value of Public Relations

Look at the cover of this Robb Report. Do you see great cars? Or just the Audi (in the foreground for those who do not know vehicles)? Or, do you see our client property, Casa Elar, which serves as the backdrop for this cover story? The answer is simple: you see them all! For years, product manufacturers have undertaken paid placement, with Pepsico being one of the best in the field at surreptitious product placement. It works as our mind tends to relate brands that we see to the individuals or situations that they are found in. For Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, their premier suite is Casa Elar. How fitting that Robb Report, Audi and Porsche are all synchronized in this placement situation.

PRThe Subtle Value of Public Relations

Has the Sales Brochure Reached the End of its Shelf Life?

The recent completion of a “rack” brochure for the Holiday Inn Red Deer gave us pause for thought: what ever happened to the brochure as a key selling tool? What are the differences in communications between a customer’s web site and their print materials? While the web has become the de facto sales tool in the hospitality industry, the brochure has not died and gone away. Brochures are still used as point of sale, inserts into sales kits, direct response mechanisms and in other marketing programs where the Internet is not suitable. A great sales brochure utilizes photography to provide depth of sale, while communicating product quality and key features/benefits. We do notice, however, the decline of brochures. In hotel marketing, the rack brochure (called rack as that is the way they were traditionally presented to the guest) is still produced, but no longer in the traditional vertical format…thus the …

Larry MogelonskyHas the Sales Brochure Reached the End of its Shelf Life?

Jerry Grymek Joins Board for TMAC’s Ontario Chapter

LMA’s Account Director, Jerry Grymek has  been joined as a board member for Travel Media Association of Canada’s (TMAC) Ontario chapter. TMAC is a Toronto-based association of travel journalists, authors, broadcasters, and photographers working in pretty much every form of mass media to promote professional development. Congratulations Jerry!

PRJerry Grymek Joins Board for TMAC’s Ontario Chapter

Steve Leonard to Head Sales for Inn at a Glance

Inn at a Glance software has tapped the expertise of Steve Leonard, who will head up sales of this product. A 30-year hotel veteran, Steve has worked for several New York properties as Director of Sales and Marketing, and is well-known for his work with NYIAEE. Steve will work from his New Jersey office. For further information, contact

Larry MogelonskySteve Leonard to Head Sales for Inn at a Glance

LMA Collateral Materials Recognized at Minnesota Print Competition

LMA's work for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa was recently recognized at the Minnesota Printers Association as Best in Show. The series of brochures for Ojai included separate pieces for the Resort, Spa, Artist's Cottage and Casa Elar. Seen in the photo with the award is Tom Morgan, LMA's Account Manager at Maximum Graphics (Chaska, MN), flanked by Allison Wills, LMA's Team Leader for Ojai and Samantha Mogelonsky, LMA's Studio Manager. Maximum Graphics manages all of LMA's printing on the Ojai account.

Jerry GrymekLMA Collateral Materials Recognized at Minnesota Print Competition

How does P&G remain a leading global marketer?

In late March, P&G became the first corporate inductee to the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame. How does this international organization continue to remain a leader in global marketing? In a recent interview with AdvertisingAge, Chairman and CEO, Bob McDonald, shared his thoughts on this question. Using digital media has allowed the organization to successfully build relationships with consumers and has provided P&G with the ability to become a marketing leader. In a thought provoking video clip, he highlights the important role that digital marketing has played in P&G’s ability to remain one of the top global marketers. As a seven-year P&G veteran, I’m particularly intrigued. To read the article and/or view the clip, visit

Larry MogelonskyHow does P&G remain a leading global marketer?

Now That’s What We Call Branding!

LMA celebrated summer with a staff party held in downtown Toronto. Excellent food, lively conversation, and ample beverage made for a great time. And of course, an agency that prides itself on branding expertise made sure that everyone knew where they were!

PRNow That’s What We Call Branding!