Grenada Wins Award at CTO

Right now, it is Canadian Caribbean Week (running from October 21 to 29) a unique celebration of Caribbean culture and diversity. On Thursday, October 21, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) held their annual Media Awards Luncheon at L’Hotel Place Des Armes in Montreal. A total of 90 media, industry members, national tourism organization representatives and Caribbean dignitaries attended the event. The luncheon serves to recognize Canadian-based media that have captured the essence of the Caribbean in their storytelling. Frédéric Savard was presented the award for ‘Best News Report in French’ from all channels of Canadian media encompassing newspaper, magazine or television. The award recognized Fred’s story entitled, “Cap Aux Antilles, avec une Grenade et un Magot,” inspired by his press visit to Grenada in June 2009. The article was published in H Magazine, the French-Canadian equivalent of GQ Magazine, which has about 80,000 in circulation. (Photo caption from left to …

PRGrenada Wins Award at CTO

Grenada Website Receives High Praise

Designed by LMA, the new, custom-built Grenada Board of Tourism website received very positive compliments from eTurboNews. Labelled as capturing the spirit of the country, the site boasts colourful pictures of the nation’s vibrant Caribbean culture as well as fully fluent versions in English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese. What gives the website its strength are the coded attributes embedded within the standard page information such as the trip planner, tour operator locator, interactive map and island blog. These sorts of advanced features play heavily towards increasing the optimization score for search engines, drawing visitors to the site and, most significantly, getting them to interact with the site. Read the full article to learn more.

PRGrenada Website Receives High Praise

The Future of the Hotel Industry and Social Media

I read a very detailed article today about some of the more prevalent ways by which hotels are harnessing the power of social media. It’s an interesting read as many hotels could be doing a lot more to develop their online networking capabilities. As outlined by the article, the two principal factors are improved customer service via direct web relationships and exclusive deals. Just as a concierge might alleviate grievances on site, having an active online presence heightens communication with past and prospective guests, helping retain customers and bring potential problems to light. On the flip side, many people, rather than looking to chat, are interested primarily in special offers your property may post on social media sites. Keeping these networks in mind as a part of your promotional strategy or reward system is a great way to generate online activity and drive sales.  

Larry MogelonskyThe Future of the Hotel Industry and Social Media

Specialty Website for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

We are pleased to introduce an innovative web site designed for one purpose: to announce special and exclusive offers for our client Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. The impetus for this site was Ojai Valley Inn & Spa’s exclusive Black Friday Sale. On November 26, for one day only, the entry form will be made available and will offer great deals on regular room rates. The web site incorporates two integral functions in a clean and easy format. First, it integrates an announcement phase to build anticipation for a sale. Second, it acts as a booking destination to access the “on sale” inventory. Using the Wibya plug-in, which is the bottom navigation toolbar, the site embraces all of the latest social marketing networks and applications. It is also fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad. These are technological platforms that did not exist half a year ago. Please visit the …

Jerry GrymekSpecialty Website for Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Is Your Website Multi-Language Compatible?

Did you know, using open source software, websites can be converted to over 30 languages? True, the conversion will not be perfect. Often, tonality and sentence structure is imperfect while colloquial expressions are usually misrepresented. So, for a critical bi-lingual, Canadian-based site, we would not recommend using an auto translation package such as the free one provided by Google. However, there are situations where having a language option pays a courtesy to multi-lingual customers. Check out barryknows.ca to see this system at work. The important credence here is that something is better than nothing. For example, in the hot Toronto real estate market, having the ability to present information in such languages as Italian, Farsi and Chinese pays respect to prospects and shows them that you are interested in supporting their real estate choices. Just make sure that your website coding is adaptive so that changing the language does not …

Jerry GrymekIs Your Website Multi-Language Compatible?

Two New Websites for Windtower Lodge & Suites

LMA has launched two new exciting web sites for the Windtower Lodge & Suites, a vacation property located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Each site was created to focus on specific visitors; one for short-term vacationers and the second for long-term stays. Both sites feature different navigation options and style guides, but maintain similar brand standards. Built on the Expression Engine platform, both content-managed sites allow for easy editing and package updates. A third website is planned for late 2010/early 2011 that will focus on Active Living/Retirement Suites for Mature Adults. For more information on the sites and to view the new designs, visit www.windtower.ca

Jerry GrymekTwo New Websites for Windtower Lodge & Suites

Inn at a Glance – Inn the News

Our software recently made the headlines in Hotel News Resource. As a reputable hoteliers’ new service, the website highlighted Inn at a Glance’s benefits for customer service and the multi-property feature added as a part of the Version 2 Launch. Our Version 2 launch was also picked up by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University, detailing the press release in a similar manner.

Larry MogelonskyInn at a Glance – Inn the News

Puzzling Industry Trend

Just recently, the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association (OPMA) sent out a request for proposal (RFP) for a creative agency. At first glance, nothing here is out of the ordinary. But dig a little deeper; this organization is undertaking a creative search and the winner will actually work for free. Well, to be more specific, there is no cash compensation, but the victorious agency will get recognition in printed materials along with tickets to a wine and cheese party for up to four people. Maybe there are ad agencies that have spare time or are willing to donate their creative efforts to an association. If there are, proceed with caution. It is one matter to volunteer efforts for a good cause, as there are many not-for-profit associations that truly deserve help. Big Pharma, however, does not fall into this category. An organization of the size of OMTA just might, but since …

Larry MogelonskyPuzzling Industry Trend

Dodd Media Website Launch

Dodd Media Group, a leading East-Coast media representation firm, has chosen LMA to create their first web site. For 35 years, Dodd has specialized in the analysis of communication mediums for business-building purposes. They work with advertisers and agencies to reach specific demographics by efficiently harnessing all available media options. Dodd is at the forefront of effective media purchasing, helping companies choose the right medium for the right message. With operations in Canada and the United States, their expertise covers print, online and specialty electronic publications. Built on the Expression Engine platform, this content-managed site allows for easy editing. The blog function provides an opportunity for Dodd Media to communicate their customers' news instantly. For more information visit www.doddmedia.com

Jerry GrymekDodd Media Website Launch

One of Our Team in Nuit Blanche

One of our team members, Sam Mogelonsky, participated in Nuit Blanche this past weekend. For those unfamiliar, Nuit Blanche in Toronto is one night in the year when thousands of pieces of art are on display throughout the downtown core from dusk until dawn. All events are open to the public and the streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of people wondering about the city all night long. Entitled Night Roses, Sam’s event at the Gladstone Hotel was an interactive tactile performance. With over 300 pounds of clay ready to go, guests were invited to mold their own clay roses and place them about the room. Sam started making roses and guiding others at 7 pm on Saturday evening, and she did not stop until 5 am the next morning. The entire event was documented on video camera. In those ten hours, hundreds of clay roses were assembled to …

PROne of Our Team in Nuit Blanche