Jerry Grymek Celebrates Ten!

We are pleased to congratulate Jerry Grymek, our Account Director, on his tenth anniversary with LMA. Jerry joined us as an intern and has been a key part of the Company's client management team. He has been recognized with awards from CAAP and TravelClick. Jerry is active in promoting the Company as well, serving as a Board Member with TMAC Ontario Chapter (Travel Media Association of Canada). On a more personal note, Jerry acts as our in-house food taster and critic, making sure all the llamas eat properly.  He is also an avid fan of comics and our herald of all the latest, greatest movie news. Congratulations Jerry from all of the llamas!

PRJerry Grymek Celebrates Ten!

Exceptional Coverage for Grenada Tourism

We continue to be exceptionally pleased with the coverage for our Grenada Board of Tourism client. Just this past month, we have received major features for Grenada in: Canadian Doctor, Canadian Dentist, Dreamscapes, More, Caviar, and Canadian Yachting. After ten years as the Canadian AOR for Grenada, it is refreshing to see that our programs continue to deliver exceptional results. (Image is the cover of an article entitled 'Great Grenada' from Canadian Dentist)

PRExceptional Coverage for Grenada Tourism

Is Your Website iPad Compatible?

We all have iPads, and once you get them into your hands, it seems as if you cannot be away from them for long. They do not exactly replace computers, as the raw power in such applications as Microsoft Office are not available. However, they are excellent for browsing the Internet, and we suspect that they will be a primary driving force with any business who relies upon the web as a core revenue generation component. How fast will the iPad (and its tablet variations) grow? Our feeling is “explosive,” in particular within the mobile/upscale population segment: those very same people who drive the leisure segment of the hotel and resort industry. Watch out this Xmas: the iPad will be hard to find as it is literally pulled off the shelf as THE gift for 2010. Surprisingly, this product is not just for the early-adapter-twenty-something-male-have-to-get-it demographic. Those fifty-plus will appreciate …

Larry MogelonskyIs Your Website iPad Compatible?

A Demonstration of Exceptional Service Delivery

Just last week, we travelled to London England for a series of business meetings. We had an opportunity to stay at the Metropolitan, one of our Client's, (COMO Hotels) properties. Well located, this is not by any means the most expensive or elaborate of the many five-star hotels in the area. The Metropolitan does understand service, and I doubt that any property could exceed their expertise in this area. Examples: a doorman who not only greets you, but ushers the bags and your party through the entranceway, all the while holding an umbrella so that you do not get a drop of rain on you (no small feat!); a front desk team that greets you warmly, not just superficially, escorting you to your room where, not surprisingly, your bags are already set out; a personal welcome from the General Manager with a welcome bottle of wine with a letter that …

Larry MogelonskyA Demonstration of Exceptional Service Delivery

LMA Launches Baldas in Canada

Baldas, a technologically advanced snowshoe producer, is launching in Canada with their first retail setup at the SAIL store located in Ottawa on December 1 (175 Trainyards Drive Unit 2). We are helping develop advertising to assist Baldas as they become available in retail stores nationwide. Founded in 1975, Baldas is Italy’s only snowshoe manufacturer with a primary focus on delivering sophisticated footwear specific for the winter trekker. In terms of innovation, Baldas was the first company ever to use plastic compounds with a ceramic base to make their shoes lighter, and at the same time able to withstand very low temperatures. Today, the company maintains a steady research stream to constantly find new solutions for winter excursion enthusiasts. Baldas operates under the Ferrino banner, a leading outdoor equipment company. All the Baldas products are made in the Piedmont region of Italy; created and tested on the very same mountains …

Jerry GrymekLMA Launches Baldas in Canada

Five Honors for LMA This Year from HSMAI

LMA has received five distinctions for the 2010 Adrian Awards; hosted by the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). These accolades were determined as part of the Annual HSMAI International Travel and Hospitality Competition, the largest and most prestigious event of its kind in the world. The annual contest attracts more than 1,200 entries from 32 countries and destinations around the world, with advertising, public relations and web site entries judged by panels of experts from all industry sectors. The 2010 LMA awards, associated clients and respective categories are listed as follows: Silver – New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania – Public Relations Silver – Ojai Valley Inn & Spa – Web Site Design Silver – Ojai Valley Inn & Spa – Complete Advertising Campaign Silver – Kensington Tours – Advertising Campaign Bronze – Grenada Board of Tourism – Web Site Design Specifically, the Public Relations Campaign for New York’s Hotel …

Larry MogelonskyFive Honors for LMA This Year from HSMAI

Arctic Combustion Dashboard Software Launched

This past week we launched a new web-based, dashboard ‘meter’ system for Arctic Combustion Limited. Based in Mississauga, Arctic Combustion is a full-service manufacturer of boilers and burner management systems for water and a wide range of fuels. This password-protected section of their website allows customer to view gas and electrical consumption by the hour with updates every 20 minutes. The dsahboard system allows users to also compare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage. For clients or service providers, this means that they can better respond to changes in demand based on short-term fluctuations and long-term forecasts. This ties into the current trend of replacing radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags with internet-ready tracking software. Utilizing dashboard software is just as reliable as RFID tags while simultaneously being more compatible and malleable.

Jerry GrymekArctic Combustion Dashboard Software Launched

Grenada on the Cover of Canadian Geographic Travel

The island of Grenada was on the cover of the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel as one of their featured hot escapes. The Grenada Board of Tourism has been a longstanding client of LMA and we are proud to see such a resounding write-up in one of Canada’s premier travel magazines. The article gives a brief summary of a few of the major events in recent history that have influenced the Island, chiefly the American landing in 1983 and the hefty damages incurred from Hurricane Ivan. The piece explains Grenada’s reputation as the ‘Spice of the Caribbean’ due to it being the world’s second largest exporter of nutmeg as well as a major producer of cocoa, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. The author, Lisa Gregoire, talks about her excursions to observe the majestic leatherback turtle. Growing to over 500 kilograms and two meters in length, leatherbacks …

PRGrenada on the Cover of Canadian Geographic Travel

Grenada Wins Another Top Two Awards at Caribbean Week 2010

Grenada took the top awards at the Caribbean Week Media Awards Luncheon, held at George Brown College in Toronto on October 29, 2010. The luncheon serves to recognize Canadian-based media that have captured the essence of the Caribbean in their storytelling. Sean Mallen won two of the top awards in travel journalism – Best Article in a Consumer Newspaper followed by Best in Show Award for his 2009 article in the National Post titled Caribbean as a Classroom. Mallen is the Global TV anchor of Government and Public Affairs and a freelance travel writer. He visited Grenada with his wife and young daughter in March, 2009 to report on travel as an educational experience for families with children. Grenada’s Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Hon. Glynis Roberts, assisted with the podium presentation along with award winning recipient, Sean Mallen and Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) dignitaries. She also meet …

PRGrenada Wins Another Top Two Awards at Caribbean Week 2010