Another ‘Foody’ Satisfied Trip to Grenada

Stemming from the same visit to Grenada as Jennifer Weatherhead, House and Home writer Amy Rosen recently blogged about her own experiences in Grenada. Her article deeply explores the rainy day adventure at the wharf-side BB’s Crabshack Caribbean Restaurant; where for the regular price of $100, the eatery’s master chef Brian Benjamin will give you a crash course on all the island’s tropical indigenous ingredients. Amy ended up cooking some red snapper and crabback with the local flairs of callaloo, breadfruit, dasheen and shallow benny. Check out the full article here, which also features some beautiful food-related photography. (Photo courtesy of Canadian Geographic)

PRAnother ‘Foody’ Satisfied Trip to Grenada

Our 20th Anniversary Party!

This past Thursday evening (December 16) we had our spectacular year-end party celebrating LMA’s 20th anniversary, which is coming up at the beginning of January. Held at the Drake Underground in the Drake Hotel in Toronto’s West End, the event was a great mix of staff, clients and friends of LMA for a total of about 65 people. The party followed a 60s theme in accordance with the hit AMC show Mad Men – top hats, thin ties, beehives, pocket squares and retro dresses galore! The venue was immaculately arranged to match the theme with vintage movies projecting onto screens and old-fashioned furniture in a lounge format. Now let’s talk about the food. Our own llamas Jerry Grymek and Sam Mogelonsky spent months meticulously prepping the menu with a great assortment of tastes ranging from sushi to vegetarian samosas to greasy grilled cheese sandwiches. Mini quiches filled with cheddar and …

PROur 20th Anniversary Party!

The Forbidden Lunch!

Yesterday, at around 11:30am, our office was bombarded with a delectable surprise.  Our friends over at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa arranged for a 60s themed catered lunch in accordance with the 20th anniversary Mad Men themed party that evening.  Around noon, the food came: A&W Mama burgers, French fries and onion rings galore.  Not only that, but we were also given enough A&W root beer mugs for every llama and a stuffed bear.  Needless to say, our board room was inundated with the smell of mouth-watering, but totally forbidden, trans-fats for the rest of the day. As it turns out, Elizabeth, our office manager, had been arranging this for a week with Claudia from Ojai so that Larry would be completely caught off guard.  “I smell French fries,” he said at one point while being distracted by Allison.  But by that point the food had already been set up …

Larry MogelonskyThe Forbidden Lunch!

New Brochure for Inn at a Glance

Check out our new brochure for Inn at a Glance Version 2.  This two-page spread highlights all of the key features of our software, including the new manager-on-duty calendar optimization ability and all the upgrades to the room occupancy information displays.  View the PDF here or visit the main site.

Larry MogelonskyNew Brochure for Inn at a Glance

217 Pages on Social Media that are Worth Your Time

This report is shared courtesy of its originators.  Stationed in the Silicon Valley, the Nielsen Norman Group is a consulting firm that emphasizes proper corporate change into the 21st century technology-centric arena by focusing on user experiences and consumer-focused design measures.  Although over a year old (decades in Internet time), it is as pertinent today as it was a year ago.  We strongly recommend you read it, and after digesting its message, read it again.  Go here to view the report. 

Larry Mogelonsky217 Pages on Social Media that are Worth Your Time

LMA Launches CFIM Website

Another cool, new website for you to check out! Canadian Friends of Israel Museum (CFIM) is an organization headquartered in Toronto that is devoted to raising the awareness of this tourist destination amongst Canadian travelers. At a glance, the Israel Museum was founded in 1965 in Jerusalem as Israel’s national museum with a focus on preserving archaeological finds throughout the Middle East and promoting Israel’s burgeoning fine art collection. Friends of Israel Museum is an international networking and support group for the museum, and has played a significant role in its transformation into a world-class cultural institution. The site for CFIM promotes special exhibits, ongoing materials, local events and an educational outreach program for children.

Jerry GrymekLMA Launches CFIM Website

CIABT Launches Their New Website With LMA

LMA has created a web site for the Canadian International Academy of Business & Technology (CIABT). This Toronto-based correspondence college provides learning based upon an expert curriculum provided by Lethbridge College. The web site features a complex English-Mandarin translation algorithm to review programs offered, application forms and other materials necessary to target an audience in both Canada and China. Visit the site this in action.

Jerry GrymekCIABT Launches Their New Website With LMA

Grenada a Centerpiece in More Magazine

This month’s More Magazine celebrated the island of Grenada with a 9-page spread written personally by the editor-in-chief Linda Lewis. Her voyage started off in Carriacou – an island devoid of cruise ships with hilltops dotted with pastel-colored houses. Due to the lack of direct commercial influence, Grenada reminded her of a nostalgic era of the Caribbean where fish go from the ocean to your dinner plate in no more than a couple hours. The two foremost thoughts when North American think of Grenada are the American invasion 27 years ago and Hurricane Ivan. First, Grenada has been a democracy ever since the 80s landing. Second, Ivan devastated the agricultural industry, leaving tourism to compensate – yet, as she states, visiting in the high season with a few other travelers in sight. What is far more overwhelming than the lack of tourists is that Grenada is home to 75 different …

PRGrenada a Centerpiece in More Magazine

Better Times for Hoteliers?

The past few years have had hoteliers feel like “canaries in the coal mine” as businesses and valuations plummeted. According to the New York Times, things are starting to look up with recent movements from private equity firms as strong signals of change. An example? The imminent arrival of Virgin Hotels in the marketplace looks quite promising; helping increase REVPAR forecasts with a gradual shift from a buyers’ to a sellers’ market. There are now over 40 major lodging investors rapidly buying up whatever they can grab. In addition to this, the statistics from July 2010 show 102 million room nights sold; the most ever sold in a single month. The lodging industry looks poised for a full-fledged recover. Read the complete article for full details.

Larry MogelonskyBetter Times for Hoteliers?

Rainy Day Fun in Grenada

Jennifer Weatherhead, the web editor at Elle Canada, recently returned from Grenada, traveling alongside LMA’s own Lindsay Tessis. She was more than eager to post about her experiences on her blog – specifically to answer the question: what to do in a tropical beach paradise when it’s a downpour? In St. George, the capital, Jennifer visited B.B.’s Crabback Restaurant where you can tour the kitchen and chit-chat with the owner/chef as he prepares your meal. Following lunch, you can try to recreate what was eaten by stuffing a crab shell full of fish, herbs, cheese and wine. A delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon! (Photo courtesy of Elle Canada and Jennifer Weatherhead)

PRRainy Day Fun in Grenada