LMA Web Work Cited in 2011 Grenada Budget

It is exciting when the work that you undertake gets mentioned by a client, even more so, when this mention is read in parliament. This week, The Honourable V. Nazim Burke read Grenada’s budget into parliament for the fiscal year of 2011. Within the Marketing and Promotion Section, the Minister stated, “In this regard, the Government welcomes the Board of Tourism’s use of eMarketing technology. This thrust has resulted in the completion of a refreshed and interactive website for www.grenadagrenadines.com, with engagement of new social networking Internet sites – mainly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, the Board is making use of booking engines to aid in securing vacations and is working towards a re-launch of the Spice Holidays Programme for the Grenadian Diaspora.” LMA is proud to have designed and developed this site for the Grenada Board of Tourism.  Thank you so much for the mention, Minister Burke.

PRLMA Web Work Cited in 2011 Grenada Budget

CES 2011 – A Sense of the Action

With a show so large and overpowering, what do you remember one week later? Trudging through miles of booths for two days, here are some of the highlights. Tablet Computers. The latest object of desire.  Two units are about to enter the market and dual with the Apple iPad: the Motorola Xoom and the RIM Playbook. No samples to take home, sorry! HD 3D LCD Television. Here is a Samsung unit in a 75″ variation. Last year 3D televisions were the latest sensation. This year, every manufacturer seemed to offer several options.  Sizes are large and even larger.  Remember when a 42″ Plasma TV was considered a breakthrough item? Massive Entertainment. Where else can you see Lady Gaga and Cirque de Soleil for free within a 100 feet of each other at the same time? Only at CES Las Vegas. Other Neat Items. How about a multi-sized projector that displays …

Larry MogelonskyCES 2011 – A Sense of the Action

Setting a New Standard for Level of Service

While in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show, our CIO's iPhone crashed. A reboot failed to rectify the situation. He carried the phone with him, in the hope of finding a retailer that could help diagnose and repair the problem. One evening around 10PM, we stumbled upon an Apple Store. It was not busy, and the Genius Bar was empty. Placing the iPhone with one of the Apple technicians resulted in a 15-minute analysis. They could not fix the phone, at least quickly. The solution: a new unit. Better than that, they removed the chip from the defective phone and reconfigured the new iPhone to work on a Rogers system (our local carrier, versus AT&T, who have the US iPhone franchise). We were out within 30 minutes, with a new, working phone. No charge, of course. There were numerous reasons why Apple could have said no: lack of appointment; …

Larry MogelonskySetting a New Standard for Level of Service

CES – You Have To See It To Believe It

Last week, we attended the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This is not the first time we have visited the show, but each time, it seems to be bigger, more glitzy. This year, despite the Great Recession, was no exception. This show is quite literally “porn” for tech addicts. For those who have never visited CES, let me give you a brief overview. This show is, well, huge. It covers every aspect of technology, from computers to HD-3D television or, from home theatre to automotive GPS units. Every corporation is there, except for Apple (of course), who runs in their own unique universe. CES covers all of the Las Vegas Convention Center Halls, spilling over into the parking lot and several adjacent hotels as well. Trying to walk the show in one day is impossible. Trying to cover just one section (there are at least five main sections), …

Larry MogelonskyCES – You Have To See It To Believe It