COLBY WATCH: February 2011

Our beloved Llama rang in the New Year with shining colors and renewed hope. In the fall last year, we reported that Colby has undergone a traumatic period following two minor strokes. Now, we are proud to say that he has made a full recovery, although he still walks with a decidedly crooked gait. Even with this setback, he is still the biggest lover on the farm, willingly giving llama kisses to anyone who might want one. He’s out with the herd again and rather fond of being another normal llama, yet he sleeps indoors for the most part. We send out our best to Colby at StillPointe Sanctuary and hope that he remains his usual good-natured self for many years to come.

PRCOLBY WATCH: February 2011

Who Is The Doggie Concierge?

Each year, thousands of dogs converge on Manhattan for the biggest canine-centric event of the year: The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Now in its 135th year, the 2011 event features 179 breeds all vying for Best in Class and the eternally coveted Best in Show. Held at Madison Square Garden, this Olympics of dog shows takes place over two packed and frenzied days on February 14-15. Today marks the day when the contestants start to arrive in the Big Apple and get settled. As highlighted on the national news and in the aptly named movie Best in Show, there are tons of high jinks both on and off stage. With Murphy’s Law in full effect, someone has to stand guard to make sure that everything goes according to plan. And that man is LMA’s own Jerry Grymek, the Doggie Concierge. One of LMA’s clients plays a pivotal role for …

PRWho Is The Doggie Concierge?

Will TripAdvisor Kill the Planning Committee? (Or Has It Spurred Technological Innovation?)

I remember the first time I was invited to an “Executive Planning Committee Meeting” in the early 1980’s. The property was the Four Seasons (Toronto), and Klaus Tenter was the General Manager. Being unfamiliar with the hotel business at the time (my role was the ad agency account executive) and new to the business, I was told this was quite an honor! I also learned that out of respect, you addressed the GM as “Mr.” which seemed quite old-fashioned, even back then. Fast-forward 25-30 years: remarkably planning committee meetings have not really changed. The same management positions meet to review the same issues that their predecessors discussed. Yet, look at the world of hospitality and the changes that we have experienced: the Internet with online booking engines, advanced property management systems (PMS), revenue management, automated meeting RFP’s, online travel agencies (OTA), and a myriad of systems designed to improve management …

Larry MogelonskyWill TripAdvisor Kill the Planning Committee? (Or Has It Spurred Technological Innovation?)