When Should You Change Your Director of Marketing

What’s Up with My Director of Marketing? Sometimes business is up. Sometimes it’s down. Who’s to praise? Who’s to punish? The relationship between a general manager and director of marketing is, at best, a strained one. For better or for worse, no single individual in your planning committee has as much potential to change your business as your DofM. So often is the case, however, that I see this role squandered by misplaced tasks that erode its true purpose. A Different Role Requires Specialized Talents You would never promote your rooms division manager to the position of controller, nor would you ever move your executive housekeeper to F&B director. Yet, we’ve seen countless examples where the director of marketing is promoted from a role in operations. This shift is plainly illogical, underscoring a lack of understanding in marketing complexity and the very unique skill set that an exceptional marketer brings …

Larry MogelonskyWhen Should You Change Your Director of Marketing

Do You Have a Crisis Communications Plan?

The pictures from Japan are utterly devastating. Destruction on an epic scale and the deaths of thousands of innocent people are hard to fully comprehend. My immediate thoughts go out to the families of loved ones who perished. With this in mind, I ask the naïve question: could it happen here in North America? The short answer is a definite yes. Nowadays, the landscape of New Orleans still reels from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and California shares in the earthquake-prone ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ alongside Japan. It could happen, often in the most unpredictable and tragic ways imaginable. Some ten years ago, I was working in Manhattan on property during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Witnessing firsthand the crisis management undertaken, the memories of this incredible situation and the approach taken by hotel staff are permanent reminders of the crucial nature of this task. Nothing can fully prepare an …

Larry MogelonskyDo You Have a Crisis Communications Plan?

How to Benefit from Interpretational Learning

Let’s face it, if you're not always working to keep the lines of communication clear between you and your audience, you risk missing opportunities or overlooking subtleties that could help you communicate more effectively. Specifically, understanding how your audience interprets your message is paramount to its success (or failure).   Michael Schrage is a research fellow at MIT Sloan School's Center for Digital Business, author of Serious Play and the forthcoming Getting Beyond Ideas. In a recent discussion he recounted a great example of how interpretational learning allowed him to improve communications. He recalls, “I'd been asked to run an innovation workshop for Procter & Gamble's R&D group because of a book I had written. While chatting with my managerial host, I noticed a neatly-typed, three-page memo about my work attached to the invitation he had sent to his colleagues – I asked to read it.”  Michael then explained his reaction, …

Jerry GrymekHow to Benefit from Interpretational Learning

How Hotels Can Use FourSquare

A question that should be on every hotelier’s agenda these days is: How do we use social media to reach our customers?  Many companies already have a strong plan already in place for the big three: Facebook, Twitter and the corporate blog. On top of this, most savvy businesspeople are sufficiently acquainted with the ins and outs of social bookmarking sites. However, hoteliers should take note of the latest tech trend, that of mobile sign-in services. The big players here include the likes of FourSquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places. For the sake of not being overly complicated, let’s focus the remainder of our attention on FourSquare – a company that grew a purported 3400 percent last year – even though all three work by similar means. FourSquare is designed for smart phones as a fun way for people to state to their online community where they are at any given …

Larry MogelonskyHow Hotels Can Use FourSquare