Revenue Manager, the Property’s ‘Master of the Universe’

When I started in the hotel marketing business, the role of revenue manager did not exist. We were all neophytes to the concepts of channel strategy and yield management. Ask a senior marketing director about pricing, and they would refer you to seasonal or weekend promotions.  I can even remember the time when the Inn on the Park in London had one price for each room type, independent of the day of the week or month. The only exceptions were for groups and high-volume customers. The evolution of the Revenue Manager position has solved many of these earlier pricing inefficiencies, but has left a dearth of areas that still need improvement. Computer Wizardry Times have certainly changed. The sheer range of prices offered to a property’s channel partners is daunting enough for anyone short of a post-secondary education in finance. At the same time, PMS tools now allow us to …

Larry MogelonskyRevenue Manager, the Property’s ‘Master of the Universe’

Would the Real Hotel Rating Please Stand Up?

In the pre-Internet years, hotel ratings were easy to understand. The American Automobile Association (AAA) awarded a “Diamond Rating” and Mobil used their “Star Rating,” both on a scale of one to five. There are several other prominent organizations and also, the Mobil Travel Guide has been licensed out to Forbes since 2009, but for simplicity, let’s focus our narrative on these two. AAA and Mobil use qualified inspectors who follow a comprehensive and rigorous scorecard. They examine everything from scuffmarks on the edge of doors and dust on the drapes to the proficiency of guest services in every minute detail. The appraisers show up unannounced and their results are shared with the property at the end of their visit; advanced notice given for any rating changes. By and large, the system is honest and egalitarian with the same technical criteria applied across the globe. Hoteliers look towards their annual …

Larry MogelonskyWould the Real Hotel Rating Please Stand Up?

Adams Takes Advantage of CRIA

Adams Unlimited is a New York City based public relations firm that specializes in travel and tourism – in particular, for the Carribbean. Their web site requirements included the need to provide a blog-style environment to address client activities as well as press releases. Our Expressionengine CMS design platform offered in our low-cost CRIA development provided the perfect solution. Visit www.adams-pr.com to see how the functionality has been built into their site.

Jerry GrymekAdams Takes Advantage of CRIA

New Website for Cranberry Waterfront

LMA has launched another great web site; this one for Cranberry Waterfront Suites & Country Club. The focus of this site is to showcase the vacation timeshare ownership availability at the Resort. This is the second site we have launched for Cranberry; the first being their main resort web site. The site is completely content-managed by Expression Engine, which allows the Waterfront staff to make pricing and package changes immediately. The site is further enhanced with image rotators, an interactive photo gallery and a LiveChat feature to help interested web site visitors communicate with a live Waterfront representative at any time during their search. Cranberry Waterfront Suites is part of the 750-acre Cranberry community, a 20+ year veteran in Collingwood’s resort area.  Touching the shores of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, with Blue Mountain in the background, this all-seasons resort showcases vacation activities to suit all tastes. Cranberry is a …

Jerry GrymekNew Website for Cranberry Waterfront

Facebook for Hotels 202: Being Fun

Attention everyone! Class is now in session. For those of you expecting a freshman introduction on social media for hotels, kindly exit at the back of the lecture hall. This is not a quick tips and tricks seminar for those who just want a ‘presence’ on Facebook. This is a sophomore lesson on how to extend your Internet branding the right way; the way that will get you natural growth that actually translates into heightened loyalty and recognition. Especially now that the North American Facebook crowd has ‘matured’ to sponsored pages, you can’t afford to be just another gimmick. It’s quite easy for hoteliers to spread the word about their property. So here is the secret, and if you know it, you’ll surely ace the final exam: Layer our informative message with a veneer of wit and charm. Keeping this thought on the back of your mind will save you …

Larry MogelonskyFacebook for Hotels 202: Being Fun