The Legacy Continues: The All-New Legacy Pork Website

We’re proud to launch another robust ExpressionEngine powered website for the great people over at Legacy Pork (and it’s parent corporation, Quality Meats Packers Limited). Since 1923, Quality Meat Packers has grown to become an international pork processing business employing over 600 people and selling products to over 30 countries throughout the world! What started out as three separate sites for each of their product brands (Legacy Pork, Mini-Grills and Peameal), has now been consolidated into one, all-encompassing content managed site. By bringing all the brands together, we’ve created a seamless user experience allowing for navigation of all the Legacy Pork products in one place. In addition to amalgamating the three sites, we fully rebuilt the recipes section of the site and now allow for much more advanced filtering, browsing and searching of recipes. Using some fantastic commercial modules from the ExpressionEngine community, we were able to make this all …

Jerry GrymekThe Legacy Continues: The All-New Legacy Pork Website

Hotel Reviews Aren’t About Numbers

Do you remember in school how jealous you felt when you got a ‘B+’ on your English test, while your friend got an ‘A-‘?  Now that we are all grown up, hopefully, we can safely look back at how insignificant that one grade was in the grand scheme of things.  Well, apparently the lesson hasn’t been fully learned.  Many still look at their overall hotel review score averages, as if it were a university GPA. Statistical Methods Need to Be Recognized Is it really important if your property rating on a review website goes from 4.5 to 4.6 within a two-week span?  Why are property GM’s micromanaging these tiny fluctuations?  It’s statistically irrelevant.  In school, real performance changes were denoted by evaluating your report card handed out at the end of each semester.  Much the same way, you can’t judge your hotel on a review-by-review basis. A caveat would be …

Larry MogelonskyHotel Reviews Aren’t About Numbers

Qualifying Service One Interaction At A Time

A recent weekend getaway to Miami with my wife gave me some time to ponder the concept of service and what it means at its core. After more than 30 years of extensive travel, I calculate that I’ve probably experienced over 5,000 nights in various hotel rooms. This translates to tens of thousands of employee-to-guest transactions of various dimensions. Service has been on the back of my mind throughout my tenure in the industry, and it was while relaxing on the beach that I had my true “eureka” moment. Let me first reflect on some of the interactions I had while in South Beach. The flight was a breeze, and after a short taxi ride, we arrived at our accommodations. We checked in and went to lunch as our room was not quite ready. So from the beginning, here is what I experienced in rapid succession: doorman greeting bellman taking …

Larry MogelonskyQualifying Service One Interaction At A Time

Colby Watch: May 2011

It's been a while since we've heard from our friends over at StillPointe Sanctuary.  And now that it's May, it's time for a Colby update. Colby has made it through the wet and cold winter in good shape.  Since he often refuses to go under cover during the nasty weather, he does look a bit scraggly and has a bit of moss on one side.  But underneath the wool, he's warm and dry.  He walks even more “sideways” than before because of his two minor strokes, but his mind is sharp.  He's eating well and takes no nonsense whatsoever from his fellow older geldings.  In fact, one guy, Starman, who tends to give everyone “grief” over food, has found that his bullying tactics earn him some huge spits from Colby.  It didn't take too long for Starman to decide to leave him alone! Colby is looking forward to the warm …

PRColby Watch: May 2011