In Search of Hotel Excellence: ARC The.Hotel

ARC The.Hotel ( is located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario (Canada’s capital city). With 112 rooms, this boutique property is ideal located for leisure and local business. But what’s most appealing about the property is its distinguished quality of guest services. The staff is particularly friendly and ceaselessly helpful. I had the opportunity to discuss this with Colin Morrison, the General Manager, to dig down to the roots of their continued success. How did you get into the hotel business? My introduction to the industry was somewhat accidental.  I was raised in Montreal and involved in Scouting as a teen.  In 1972, my father also started a steakhouse as a hobby in the Laurentians area in Northern Canada.  I had gained an interest in hospitality through my dad, but wasn’t thinking of it as a career. Through Scouting I had the opportunity to meet Reg Groome, then the Vice President of …

Larry MogelonskyIn Search of Hotel Excellence: ARC The.Hotel

Meet Our Llama Gent!

We've just received some new information from StillPointe about our llama Gent.  Here's what Gent has to say: “Hi, I'm Gent.  I come from a farm where my human Mom was a wonderful fiber artist. She had sheep and usually five or six llamas so she could use all of our nice fibers for her art. “All of the llamas were girls until I was born. Then it was me and the all the girls…until a little guy was born to one of my aunties. About a year after he was born my human Mom died very suddenly. We were pretty upset and really felt lost, since the guy my human Mom was married to didn't want us and tried to get lots of money from us. Finally he was convinced that there really wasn't a 'market' for llamas anymore and the best thing to do was to let us …

PRMeet Our Llama Gent!

How Hotels Can Use Tablets

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s this great new piece of technology gaining massive acceptance, generically called the Tablet PC.  Your guests will be arriving with them. Your competitors will be finding ways to use them. So what are you doing about it? If you’re not convinced that this new technology is important, consider this: Apple, the world’s leading tablet computer manufacturer, shipped over 10 million iPads in Q2 2011 alone, nearly quadruple the amount of laptops (MacBooks) they sold in the same period.  On an industry scale, sales of tablets are up about 400% year-over-year, while sales of notebook PCs have basically plateaued.  This adoption rate is faster than just about any new technology to hit the marketplace in recent history, including the DVD player, PC, or smart phone. The first question to ask yourself is whether or not your hotel is tablet friendly.  Have you checked your website …

Larry MogelonskyHow Hotels Can Use Tablets

Hitchcock’s Wise Words for Hotels

Whether it’s a straight-laced caper or psychological thriller, the late Sir Alfred Hitchcock certainly had a lot to say about human behavior and the medium of film.  But after recently catching North by Northwest (1959) on late night reruns – specifically, Cary Grant roaming the lavishly decorated Plaza Hotel in New York City – I had a revelation. As a top tier Hollywood director, Hitchcock was blessed with decades of location scouting and overnight stays at some of the world’s best hotels.  As such, he likely developed a keen eye for what they had in common and what makes a classy joint.  Whether he intended to or not, Hitchcock translated this tacit understanding onto the screen, imbuing some firm teachings for hoteliers.  So let’s dig through some of his masterpieces and see what lessons we can find.   Set the Mood One of the reasons Hitchcock’s thrillers worked so well …

Larry MogelonskyHitchcock’s Wise Words for Hotels

Happiness Reigns in Bhutan

This past summer, LMA arranged for the editor-in-chief and photographer from Homefront Magazine to visit the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. One of our clients (COMO Hotels and Resorts) has a beautiful resort, Uma Paro, overlooking the town of Paro in Bhutan. Homefront enjoyed four days in this truly unique corner of the world – all the while taking in the intimate luxury of Uma Paro. With such tight travel restrictions, only a handful of lucky travellers get to visit this breathtaking country each year and these were two of them! Quality of life in this serene Buddhist country is measured using a term known as ‘Gross National Happiness’ and those lucky enough to make it here have said that it’s one of the most magical places on earth. A stunning article on Bhutan and Uma Paro appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Homefront Magazine. To read the article …

PRHappiness Reigns in Bhutan

In Search of Hotel Excellence: Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, Florida

Hotel Duval ( is a boutique luxury property located in downtown Tallahassee, Florida; the state’s capital city along the Floridian Panhandle.  It had been completely renovated within the past two years on the site of the former Duval Hotel which opened in 1951.  Every room and floor is uniquely designed with many tech-savvy features and style. I visited Tallahassee for business back in July and was captivated by how well they understand the finer points of the hospitality business.  Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Hotel Duval’s General Manager, Marc Bauer, and recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the property. Give me a brief history of the property.  When was its most recent incarnation as an Autograph property?  How would you describe this ‘Miami in Tallahassee’ approach? The hotel opened as Hotel Duval in October of 2009 and subsequently became a member of the …

Larry MogelonskyIn Search of Hotel Excellence: Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, Florida

The Llama launches a new website for the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach

The Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach is a 161-room property located across the street from Carlsbad State Beach. It features ocean views, full service restaurant & bar, complimentary shuttle service, spacious guestrooms, heated pool and spa, fitness center, business center, and much more. It is a Wave Crest Hotels and Resorts Property. The new site launched by LMA is a complete rebuild of their existing site based on HTML5. Powered by ExpressionEngine2’s Multi-Site Manager, the website is customized to include content management across the entire site, including booking engine integration, special offers, and blog. The new site is available at

Jerry GrymekThe Llama launches a new website for the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach

More Proof that Free WiFi is the Way to Go

Larry has talked extensively about how free WiFi in hotel rooms is a necessity these days.  Wireless internet lets travelers work from anywhere – like the comfort of their own bed – instead of being deskbound.  As well, tablets, which are rapidly growing in popularity, run exclusively off WiFi (or 3G).  For a more convincing take, see Larry's previous article here and his followup argument here.  As for now, has published another article today on the issue, specifically about how 4-star hotels offering free WiFi to guests are outperforming 5-star hotels that do not offer this.  It's a localized case study that reveals the true importance of having free wireless services in all your rooms.  To read the article, go here.

Larry MogelonskyMore Proof that Free WiFi is the Way to Go

LMA Launches a new corporate website for Wave Crest Hotels and Resorts

Wave Crest Hotels and Resorts was created in November, 2010, evolving from Wave Crest Enterprises, a development company that traces its origins to the 1980s and was responsible for the development of several residential and commercial buildings in North County San Diego, primarily in the hospitality field. The properties under the Wave Crest umbrella include the Hilton Garden Inn in Carlsbad, and the Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort and Spa, currently under construction. The new site is a fresh build for Wave Crest. Powered by ExpressionEngine2, the site is customized to include content management across nearly the entire site, including a Career Center and Press Room for their properties. The new site is available at

Jerry GrymekLMA Launches a new corporate website for Wave Crest Hotels and Resorts

LMA Presents a Basic Social Media Platform at CSAE

Our president, Larry Mogelonsky, traveled yesterday to the CSAE National Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to give an intermediate presentation on modern uses of social media entitled, “Social Marketing: Two Years Later… What Have We Learned?  Where Are We Going?”  The presentation was a follow up to a similar one two years ago, and includes a summary of the rapid growth that social media has experienced in the past two years, some basic guidelines on how all organizations can be successful using social media, and specific strategies for how associations can be successful using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Established in 1951, the CSAE (or in long-form the Canadian Society of Association Executives) is a national organization dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of Canadian associations and bringing companies together for better business connections.  You can visit their website here. As well, you can download the presentation here.

Jerry GrymekLMA Presents a Basic Social Media Platform at CSAE