Rack Brochure: Rest in Peace

I remember my first ad agency assignment in hospitality, some 30 years ago, to design and produce a ‘rack brochure’ for the Inn on the Park Hotel in Toronto. At the time, the project was considered the quintessential component of their marketing plan, requiring both significant design effort and budget given the substantial print runs. The advent of the Internet has all but arrested the rack brochure status and marketing funds, but does down necessarily mean out? The history of the rack brochure stems back to the post-Korean War era, when the travel agency business was booming, and often storefront oriented. Prospective travel customers could visit an in-store display unit which housed equally-sized printed literature for destinations, hotels, cruise lines and attractions. The size of the slots within these display units were standardized and cantilevered, thus creating the eponymous rack. Brochures produced by all travel participants were sized to fit …

Larry MogelonskyRack Brochure: Rest in Peace

New Website Launch for Diamond Head Sprinklers

The grass truly is greener on the other side. LMA is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc., a leader in landscape lighting and irrigation systems. Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. offers cutting edge products and provides additional services such as trenching, pet fencing, fertigation, and outdoor services. The new site is a complete rebuild of their previous site and is based on HTML5. Nwe additions include featured products, testimonials, online payment options, eNewsletters, a blog, and much more. Powered by ExpressionEngine2’s Multi-Site Manager, the system is customized to include content management across the entire site, including featured products of the month, testimonials, and blog articles. The next phase will involve an eNewsletter design and monthly distribution as well as new marketing initiatives that will keep Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. growing for many years to come! Take a look at the new superpowered site …

Jerry GrymekNew Website Launch for Diamond Head Sprinklers

LMA Celebrates 21!

Today marks LMA's official 21st anniversary as an advertising and marketing agency.  “That's a long, long time!” Larry exclaimed after the fact settled fully in.  To celebrate, we all had a small sushi, cupcake and wine luncheon at the office.  No one could be dared to eat a whole pile of wasabi in one gulp though. Also of note, because we are now 21, our llama Gent at StillPointe Sanctuary is finally legal to drink in the US. A special thanks to everyone who has been with us over the years!

Jerry GrymekLMA Celebrates 21!

Grenada: Sand and Spice

This fall, LMA arranged a 'Pampered Boot Camp' press trip to Grenada, 'the Spice of the Caribbean.' The Editor-in-Chief of the luxury publication West of the City (distributed within Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga) spent five days in Grenada, describing it as one of the Caribbean's 'hidden gems.'  She indulged in mouth-watering Grenadian cuisine, was pampered at some of the island's top spas, took part in boot camp fitness and even did yoga on the beach.    A beautiful article on Grenada appeared in the January 2012 issue of West of the City. To read the article and learn more about the island, visit www.westofthecity.com

PRGrenada: Sand and Spice

Grenada’s Website Wins Best Tourism Board Website in the Caribbean

Travelmole announced their winners today for best websites in a variety of categories for all Caribbean countries.  The site for Grenada and the Grenadines, which we designed in conjunction with Orlando Romain (the Grenada Board of Tourism's manager of web communications), won the top prize for the Tourism Board category.  Congratulations to Grenada and everyone who helped build such a great website.  Below is a copy of the official press release:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grenada Board of Tourism awarded Caribbean’s Best Tourist Board Website The Grenada Board of Tourism places major emphasis on the use of its destination website as a key component of its marketing strategy. Indicative of its success in this regard is the announcement last Saturday January 21, 2012, at the TravelMole Caribbean Web Awards at DHA Marketplace that this official destination website (www.grenadagrenadines.com) was given the prestigious Caribbean Web Award for Best Tourist Board website.  …

PRGrenada’s Website Wins Best Tourism Board Website in the Caribbean

Is Room Key the Game Changer We’ve Been Waiting For?

January 2012 has already been marked by the launch of what has been touted as the panacea for our industry – a rebuttal to the online travel agency onslaught that has so dramatically shifted the hospitality power structure. I am referring of course to Room Key, the new (supposed) OTA managed by the hotels.  My initial thoughts on www.roomkey.com (still considered and marketed as a ‘beta’ site) are that it’s a very good try, but not enough to get a consumer to switch away from their current favorites. First, for those who don’t know, or who haven’t yet taken the time to analyze Room Key, I encourage you to spend a few minutes touring this new website. Launched by a consortium of six major hotel chains including Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Wyndham and Marriott, the site allows visitors to search by destination to easily find a given property. (Note the …

Larry MogelonskyIs Room Key the Game Changer We’ve Been Waiting For?

Pros and Cons of Flash Sales for 2012

You see them on sites like Jetsetters, Living Social Escapes, Hotel Tonight, Groupon and several others: “Deluxe Vacation in Paradise, Regularly $2,000, Book Now for Only $1,000, Save 50%.” The promotional text is crisp; the offers relatively straightforward. The question is, should you as a hotelier participate in these programs? And importantly, what role will flash sales play in 2012? Flash Sales: What Are They All About? A flash sale is defined as an internet-based promotion that is offered to potential guests for an extremely short period of time (one to seven days). The offer is typically for an inventory-restrictive packaged program available over a specified time period and priced at a discount significantly below BAR. As well, most flash sales require full payment at time of booking. Once purchased, they are generally non-cancellable, and may also be non-transferrable. A Customer Survey As you would expect, consumers love a sale. …

Larry MogelonskyPros and Cons of Flash Sales for 2012

In Search of Hotel Excellence: True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada

Do you really need a beach? That was the first question I asked Russ Fielden, owner and operator of True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada while on a recent visit. In the past 14 years, Russ, along with his wife Magdalena, have proven that a successful Caribbean resort need not have the classic sand beach centerpiece to be successful, provided that the team treats this deficit as an opportunity. Today, True Blue Bay Resort is considered one of the most prosperous lodging properties in Grenada.  With 50 rooms, thriving dive operations and yachting for families and business travelers, the hotel belittles its modest start up when Russ acquired the near-bankrupt True Blue Inn. Now operating with occupancies well above those of competitive properties, Russ credits Magdalena’s creativity and the broadest array of guest offerings for their success. But it wasn’t easy or even planned! As Russ explains, “We went to …

Larry MogelonskyIn Search of Hotel Excellence: True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada

Congee: Breakfast of Champions

It’s a given that there can be vast cultural differences between East and West, North and South, or between any other national divide. These range from the grand-scale like architectural patterns to the miniscule nuances of daily interactions. When people travel to a foreign location, they are indeed yearning for that localized, authentic experience, but it’s nonetheless comforting to have some semblance of normality while regrouping at the home base – and that home base should be your hotel! With this in mind, hoteliers now have to look well beyond their own backyards for customers, and there’s no better place to start than the world’s most populous country – China.  According to the Pacific Asia Travel Association, China’s outbound travel increased by 54% between 2005 and 2009 from 31 million to 47 million trips.  As per the US Department of Commerce, in 2010, the United States received $5 billion from …

Larry MogelonskyCongee: Breakfast of Champions

We’re Featured in the January 2012 Edition of Canadian Lodging News

Larry's article discussing the pros and cons of flash sales was featured in the January 2012 print edition of Canadian Lodging News.  See the attached picture to read the article.  We'll post a full copy of the electronic version when it becomes available.

PRWe’re Featured in the January 2012 Edition of Canadian Lodging News