New Website Launch for Beefeaters

LMA has gone to the dogs! We are thrilled to announce the addition of the newly redesigned Beefeaters website to our online roster. Beefeaters is a leading manufacturer of dog treats, with a full line of dog-food treats, rawhide-treats and chews.  The new website is innovative and not only updates the online profile and branding position, but also provides a platform for additional online marketing, social integration and shopping. From the start, LMA had three unique objectives. Firstly, to build brand awareness leading to purchase interest; secondly to build a site that provides interesting information about dogs/dog owners for all members of the family; and finally, to create a website that is unique and will ‘stand out from the crowd’. Our tactical approach began by creating a new brand standard and color palette to differentiate the website by creating interest and ownership (based on competitive research). From here, we developed …

Jerry GrymekNew Website Launch for Beefeaters

Leveraging the Communications Hierarchy

Have you ever thought of your communications in terms of a hierarchial order based upon its ability to effectively reach the recipient? With so many options available for you, your sales team and your staff, the topic merits further investigation. The rough chart outlines thirteen different communications methods based on the level of personality conveyed in each. I’m sure there are more, but this list covers a pretty wide spectrum. All have been ranked in order of effectiveness from the most influential at the top to the least influential at the bottom. This ranking is based upon my own personal experiences and may not be exactly the same for everyone, although the broad strokes will ring true. What is clearly identified is that the closer the personal interaction, the better the quality of influence. Any opportunity you have to meet your customer or business partner face-to-face far exceeds the influence …

Larry MogelonskyLeveraging the Communications Hierarchy

Credibility In The Age Of The Incredulous

One evening last fall, a casual browse of advertising agencies and PR firms on Twitter sparked me to rethink how the marketing world is evolving in this age of instant communication and endless noise that we are presently facing.  Reading through account descriptions, several common phrases kept reappearing. The two that stuck in my head were ‘search engine expert’ and ‘social media guru’.  As an avid fan of game theory, I like to test how this economic principle applies to everyday issues such as this.  So, I thought to myself, “If everyone says they’re an expert or a guru than who’s telling the truth?” My first thought was one of doubt.  From there, I started asking similar questions like, “How does one actually become a bona fide whiz in social media?” and, “What does it even really mean to be an SEO expert?”  To answer the latter, is it simply …

Larry MogelonskyCredibility In The Age Of The Incredulous

Let Freedom Ring Part 3: Free WiFi – A Final Word for 2012

I’ve written two articles in 2011 (‘Let Freedom Ring: Free WiFi is a Basic Right not a Profit Center‘ and ‘Let Freedom Ring Part 2: Reasons and Solutions for Free WiFi in Hotel Rooms‘) about the imperative need to offer free WiFi within the confines of your property.  But, no matter how hard I preach, real change is often slow.  Capital-intensive projects take time. So, for all those who agreed or disagreed with me in the past, and have long since moved on, let me restore your memories with some fresh thoughts on the matter. First, let’s discuss the difference between an expectation and a value-added service.  The former is one you meet in order to keep your guests content.  The latter is one that actually makes them happy.  In this day and age with the dirge of OTAs always ready to offer up your competition, only meeting expectations will …

Larry MogelonskyLet Freedom Ring Part 3: Free WiFi – A Final Word for 2012

Did You Share The Love On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is one of those commercial holidays you don’t find on any government-issued calendar. And yet… Do I even need to state its inherent value for hotels around this time of year? A ‘blip’ on the winter cash flow radar, Valentine’s Day 2012 is right around the corner.  Every precocious marketer has no doubt initiated a plan months ago to guarantee room and restaurant sellouts. But, do you have the necessary measurements in place so you can learn and enhance the 2013 experience?  This article serves to identify some important steps to take to maximize next year’s fiscal return. 1. Learn. Learn. Learn. What activities did you undertake for 2012? What was successful? What can you quantify? What did your competitive set promote and how did their performance for the week compare? Examine F&B results: what were the top sellers? What was the typical bottle price range for wine …

Larry MogelonskyDid You Share The Love On Valentine’s Day?

My First Hotel Job

This article encourages you to think back to your first job in our industry and see how far you’ve come from your early days in hospitality. Everyone has to start somewhere. For most of us in the hotel business, that first job in our industry is of utmost importance: it is your opportunity to prove to yourself that you have made the correct career decision: It is a validation exercise. I am sure that everyone has his or her own story. Permit me a few minutes to tell you mine. My first hotel job was strictly unintentional. High school was ending for the year and my father encouraged me to find a job for the summer. I was not yet 15 years old (my birthday is in September). I took the city bus downtown not really knowing how to go about getting a position, nor where or what this position …

Larry MogelonskyMy First Hotel Job

Top Five Functions Your CMS Should Be Doing

Hoteliers often ask me what the benefits are of incorporating a CMS (Content Management System) into a website redesign. For those unfamiliar, a CMS is an administrative section to the back-end of your website that lets you modify what appears on the front-end without having to know any coding languages. It’s an extra cost, but what you get in return is the flexibility to manage day-by-day happenings and keep your site in tempo with the rapidity of the Internet.  Still not convinced?  Here are five specific reasons why you should have a CMS.   1. Blog A web log portion to your website lets you readily update your guests, both past and future, about recent happenings and neighbourhood hotspots.  It’s entertainment, and a good motive for customers to frequent your website more often than they are right now.  The content is easily shareable via your social media outlets to further …

Larry MogelonskyTop Five Functions Your CMS Should Be Doing

Could This Be the Best Hotel Site Ever Built?

When you have $5 million and a clean slate, what type of website would you build? And, what process would you undertake to deliver the ultimate Internet experience? These were some of the questions that I asked Robert Simon, Director of Web Development for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, following the launch of their revolutionary new site. Implemented just a few weeks ago, Four Seasons once again has set a new standard in web design, replacing a site that had served this luxury chain for the past seven years. Undaunted by the task, Robert is the leader of a team that at times reached 100 members at its peak to meet this requirement. Of note, the team is now down to 42 members, with approximately 80% of this staff compliment outsourced. Robert’s background is totally non-hospitality. Prior experience managing Home Depot’s Canadian web presence as well as a stint with …

Larry MogelonskyCould This Be the Best Hotel Site Ever Built?

Marketing that Works: Five Examples of Excellence

With the planning season approaching, the hunt for new strategic initiatives is in full swing; ways to better revenue and market position undoubtedly at the top of the list. Taking stock from a few of my clients, here are five tenets that have proven successful, and may be applicable to your own programs. 1. Embrace Your Local Constituency Built on a verdant 220-acre property just outside of Los Angeles, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is dedicated to being a community leader.  Their ‘Arts & Leisure’ program includes special events throughout the year, which emphasize the wellness-lifestyle standards of a five-diamond resort as well as a strong neighborhood orientation.  The itinerary includes guest speaker luncheons with authors and film actors, tea tastings, movie screenings, art classes, and vintner dinners with guest chefs and wine tastings.  In this way, the Inn helps bring together both guests and locals to events which may …

Larry MogelonskyMarketing that Works: Five Examples of Excellence