Ode To Bev Oda

When comparing Canadian politics to our counterparts south of the border, we come up pretty short in terms of excitement. Let’s face it, Canadians are a pretty boring lot in this regard. Yet, from time to time, a hum dinger makes the airwaves. This week, one such missive hit the newsstands, tying with it one of the grand dames of the hotel world. The story is somewhat humorous as well as instructive. Bev Oda is a Canadian Cabinet Minister, a member of the Conservative Party, and up until now, one of those hardworking politicians that few Canadians could even identify in a police lineup. Her official portfolio includes responsibility for distribution of Canadian aid to the world’s underdeveloped nations. Quite ironic! It seems as if Bev was attending to official business in London. The hotel she was booked into was the Grange St. Paul, which was also the location of …

Larry MogelonskyOde To Bev Oda

Everyone Loves Pizza: Easy Innovation in the Kitchen

Your in-house restaurant acts as a beacon for guests looking to unwind with a fresh meal close to home base, thus improving the overall quality of their stay. This is common knowledge. But recently what I’ve found is a trend towards standardization of onsite eateries. Every hotel restaurant I visit seems to offer the same general assortment: salads, pasta, burgers, pizza and a few meat entrees. It’s rare that I find anything new or bold. Frankly, most hotel restaurant menus are becoming rather boring, and in an industry where excitement is a key facet of success, this needs to change. You should have a minimum of one or two select dishes that can really wow your guests. These are dishes that will delight the senses as well as offer a distinctive experience. Again, the strategy here, on top of repeat business, is to generate word of mouth by giving your …

Larry MogelonskyEveryone Loves Pizza: Easy Innovation in the Kitchen

Hazelton Hotel Site Debut

This luxury boutique hotel has an outstanding collection of photos, demonstrating its clear product advantages versus other properties. The site we constructed utilizes HTML5 to provide seamlessly integrated backgrounds that come alive on screen sizes from tablet to 27″ monitors. It was built using ExpressionEngine2 content management system and not only highlights their facilities but is also designed to showcase their extensive art collection. Visit website.

Jerry GrymekHazelton Hotel Site Debut

G7 Hospitality Gets A New Home

This new, clean-look site was developed for G7 Hospitality, a leading hotel consulting firm. The website utilizes a straightforward WordPress template to present the consultancy in a non-nonsense format. Highlight segments at the bottom of the home page reinforce key topics of interest. This format is appropriate for cost-effective business-to-business solutions. Visit website. 

Jerry GrymekG7 Hospitality Gets A New Home

In Search of Hotel Excellence: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong with William MacKay

It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity to speak to the general manager of one of the world’s finest hotels. The Four Seasons Hong Kong is one such property, and William MacKay is not only the General Manager, but as well, the Regional Vice President for several Four Seasons properties. I had the opportunity to spend some time on property last fall and the best I can describe it is a “jewel box,” as everything was gem-perfect. The property has received accolades from pretty much every critical source. In my conversation with William, I wanted to discover how this property maintains this incredibly high level of excellence Can you give a brief description on the history of Four Seasons Hong Kong?  What’s its relationship with other Four Seasons properties in Asia?  Is it the flagship hotel of the region? Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong opened in September 2005 as …

Larry MogelonskyIn Search of Hotel Excellence: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong with William MacKay

Ten Questions For A Solid Website Foundation

When we reached the 100 mark, we stopped counting the number of websites we had already built. Regardless of the size of your property, its star ranking, location or feature set, the development of any successful site is based upon your ability to provide appropriate input to your web design team. I imagine that your house was built on a solid foundation. So too should your website! By utilizing this as checklist for deciding which direction to take, you'll be able to help yourself get the website that meets your business needs. 1. What is wrong with your current website? What are you hoping to accomplish with a new website? What do you see as the strengths of your current website, and what are the weaknesses? 2. What other property websites do you like and why? What other (non-hotel) websites do you like and why? 3. What is your property's …

Larry MogelonskyTen Questions For A Solid Website Foundation

Canada Media Reception – The Florida Morning Show: Rise and SUNshine

FLORIDA® and Partners proudly hosted a lively and fun media breakfast event under the banner of ‘The Florida Morning Show: Rise and SUNshine’ on April 20, 2012 at The Hazelton – ONE Restaurant. The event was sold out with an attendance of 64 qualified media, from Toronto and the GTA, eight Partners, VISIT FLORIDA® representatives, and guests, for a total of 80 attendees. Guests sipped, mingled and savored Floridian beverages and epicurean delights at the 5-star venue, while the morning show unfolded. Tracy Vaughan – Director for International Sales and Marketing, VISIT FLORIDA® welcomed guests. Lily Etemadi – Marketing and Event Planner VISIT FLORIDA® coordinated the morning show with the VISIT FLORIDA® Canada office. Partner representatives from Florida were interviewed ‘live’ by Lyndsay Reader who is itravel2000’s ‘Woman on the Street,’ a known travel industry celebrity who travels and documents her experiences for Canadians. Content has been uploaded to itravel2000’s …

PRCanada Media Reception – The Florida Morning Show: Rise and SUNshine

Should You Have Your Own In-House Social Media Manager?

The integration of social media into your website has become paramount for enhancing organic SEO. But beyond that it is often difficult for social media activities to be directly quantified into a specific return on investment. And without a measurable return, how do you rationalize the direct labor cost in hiring an in-house social media manager? I suspect that every hotel manager knows about social media. While they might not personally be fans of Twitter, Facebook and the like, I am sure that everyone has at least one or twice viewed a YouTube video, or read comments on a Facebook post. Tomes worth have been written on the advent of social media and its ability to generate a positive buzz for your property. The integration of social media into your website has become paramount for enhancing organic SEO. But beyond that, and being really ‘hard-nosed’ about it, it is often …

Larry MogelonskyShould You Have Your Own In-House Social Media Manager?
London (Jess) 248

Hyatt Andaz: A Unique Branding Opportunity

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Hyatt. If a Four Seasons (my top choice) is not available, I’ll opt for a Hyatt product. Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency properties are comfortable, with friendly staff, excellent service levels and high-quality furnishings. Please don’t ask me to tell you the differences among these three brands. I have some difficulty. But that’s fodder for another story. What intrigued me was a recent article about Hyatt’s Andaz brand. This followed an announcement by Hyatt management of plans to double the number of outlets for this relatively new “chain” through re-flagging/re-branding as well as possible new buildouts. The article quoted one an Andaz GM as stating, “Properties will remain true to the Andaz core principles: locally inspired with the feel of an independent and not a chain; service that is excellent not fussy; while offering the backbone …

Larry MogelonskyHyatt Andaz: A Unique Branding Opportunity

Hotels are from Mars, resorts are from Venus

My dear wife was reading John Gray’s 1993 classic book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (you know the one, the bestseller, with 7 million or more copies in print), and it got me wondering: Are hotels and resorts different? Just think about it. They truly are. Yet, for some strange reason we tend to lump them together as simply, “the hotel industry.” Hotels are the “male” of the accommodation genus. Typically, hotels are usually comprised of a single, multi-story (one might even say phallic!) structure. Guest stays are short, efficient and with a sense of purpose, such as a business meeting. Resorts are clearly their “female” counterpart, with the building structures softer, often curvier, encompassing a larger footprint. Resorts are more complex in terms of their amenities, typically including elaborate spas, golf courses and even marinas or beaches. Guest stays are more leisurely with a much higher …

Larry MogelonskyHotels are from Mars, resorts are from Venus