Technology Satiety: Why Electronic Resilience Is Crucial for 2013

As we ease into the second quarter of 2013, technology continues to creep into every aspect of our lives, arguably for the better and for the worse. Yet as I reflect on all the recent marvels that our electronic developed world has brought, there is but one sweeping consideration worth addressing at this juncture: time. As humans, we only have so many hours per day to devote to any particular task, duty, website, social network, telephone call, television show, computer game and so on. We appear to be nearing the physical limit that we mortals can handle while still being able to sleep, eat, spend time with our families and go to work to earn an income capable of supporting the other three core functions in addition to our technological cravings. Even though further progress is inevitable, our digital appetites are full. We lack the time needed to devote ourselves …

Larry MogelonskyTechnology Satiety: Why Electronic Resilience Is Crucial for 2013

Ten Ways to Spark a Better 2013

Let’s put New Year’s resolutions aside for a moment. Every owner and GM I know wants to find ways to build revenue, year round and not as part of some quick fix race that fizzles out by late January. While the ‘fiscal cliff’ may loom on everyone’s minds right now, your priorities should not be hampered waiting for sweeping monetary decisions to be made in Washington, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing or Ulaanbaatar. Here are some ideas to get your team’s creative juices cooking early in the New Year and keep them simmering for the other eleven months: Change is good. It will help spark new ways to think. If your planning meetings always take place at a specific time and location, start by changing that time to interrupt the druthers of daily routine. Then, do a shuffle; have everyone sit at a different seat at the table. Reverse the order …

Larry MogelonskyTen Ways to Spark a Better 2013

A thought for 2013

Here is a simple but powerful thought to help start your new year off on a good note:     (Published by Larry Mogelonsky in HOTELSmag on January 1, 2013)

Larry MogelonskyA thought for 2013

Happy New Year, fellow hoteliers!

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever made any? Moreover, have you ever stuck to them? Here is a list I’ve compiled for hoteliers that I hope you’ll consider adding to your own for the upcoming year. 1. I will use fewer online flash-sale programs or others of their ilk. Everyone knows they work at delivering occupancy, but at what cost to your core customer base and brand value strategy? Commit to building your occupancies properly with well-founded yield-management strategies.   2. I promise to reduce my reliance on OTAs, focusing more on business generated through my (or my chain’s) website. Remember, OTA customers are not your customers. The goal is to secure your own customers for re-marketing purposes, let alone the yield enhancements that come from direct bookings.   3. I will respond to every TripAdvisor rating within 24 hours. Good, bad or ugly, I will …

Larry MogelonskyHappy New Year, fellow hoteliers!

Hitchcock’s hidden message for hotel managers

Whether it’s a straight-laced caper or psychological horror thriller, the late Sir Alfred Hitchcock certainly had a lot to say about human behavior and the medium of film. Moreover, as a top-tier Hollywood director, Hitchcock was blessed with decades of location scouting and overnight stays at some of the world’s best hotels. As such, he likely developed a keen eye for what they had in common and what makes a classy joint. Whether he intended to or not, Hitchcock translated this tacit understanding onto the screen, imbuing some firm teachings for hoteliers. Also of note, this article comes on the heels of two Hitchcock biopics that have gone wide in the past few months — “The Girl,” starring Toby Jones, and “Hitchcock,” starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now that it’s the holiday season and you probably have some time off, I implore you to rent one of Hitchcock’s films, both for …

Larry MogelonskyHitchcock’s hidden message for hotel managers

Gray is the new green

Gazing ahead to 2013 and beyond, much of the discussion in hotelier circles pertains to the impact of technological changes on the modern consumer, and indeed, I’m no exception. The image of nouveau travelers evoked by managers and hospitality marketers such as myself is generally one between the ages of 20 and 60 who “gets it” — someone who intrinsically understands technology, using the power of electronic devices for research, deals and everything in between. The point we hospitality writers are trying to hammer home is that properties must adapt to meet the buoyant expectations of the laptop and smartphone generations. One of the primary intents is to provide hoteliers with a “digital age” perspective on what these travelers look for in a property that merits their loyalty. I vehemently emphasize loyalty because it is much easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one — …

Larry MogelonskyGray is the new green