Gray is the new green Part 3: Point hounds

Loyalty programs are a luxury that many take for granted nowadays. This wasn’t always the case, and much like the advent of the television, loyalty programs and their associative reward points are something that rose to prominence right as the baby boomer reached adulthood. I still recall the unveiling of the American Airlines AAdvantage program in 1981, the most significant travel loyalty program, following the pioneering footsteps of Texas International Airlines (which is now technically a part of United Airlines). What was once a very unique “points for miles traveled” selling advantage has been universally applied for airlines, hotels, retail outlets, gas stations, credit cards and so on. Nowadays, such programs are expected and, hence, it takes an increasingly lucrative points-to-reward ratio to spark any sort of consumer excitement and, in turn, loyalty. But there is an interesting opportunity within the aging boomer masses. We matured alongside the novelty of …

Larry MogelonskyGray is the new green Part 3: Point hounds

Brightlights Inc Site Debut

Brightlights Inc. needed an updated web site to encompass their growing blog and changes in service. Brightlights provides recruiting and advisory services, specifically for small and mid-sized B2B technology firms. They were looking for a web site that would address the issue of users on tablet and mobile as well as a traditional computer. LMA crafted a site built in WordPress content management system so the client could easily update and build the blog content themselves. This effective combination provides a fully responsive design and a site that meets the user's visual needs.  Visit site: http://www.brightlightsinc.com/

Jerry GrymekBrightlights Inc Site Debut

‘Thoughtful Foods’ Can Increase Meeting Productivity

I first met Chef Murray Hall at a conference last August and he enthralled me with stories of just how much the quality of foods can affect the productivity of meetings and conferences. Since that time, I’ve kept a keen eye on my own diet and how certain foods affect both mood and energy levels. Needless to say, Chef Hall is right, and during our recent chat, he offered some very valuable takeaways both for hotels and for your own dietary goals, which, believe it or not, are one and the same. His Background with Food According to Chef Hall, his life has always been imbued with a strong passion for the culinary arts. Growing up in the 1980s in the small mountain town of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada (current population roughly 17,000), access to mass produced and heavily processed goods was always a challenge. This meant that the …

Larry Mogelonsky‘Thoughtful Foods’ Can Increase Meeting Productivity

Crisis communications in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy

What has transpired in Boston is a tragedy of epic proportions. My immediate sympathies and condolences go out to all those affected by this unspeakable act of evil. Many nearby hotels were severely impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing. In the wake of this disaster, it is vital that you contemplate whether such a calamitous event could occur in your area. It need not be a machination of man, either. Think back to the losses caused by Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 — both regions are still reeling from the damages. This tragedy serves as a permanent reminder of the crucial nature of forming, memorizing and training your staff on a crisis communications plan. It is a fundamental responsibility of every hotel and resort operator to ensure the safety of his or her guests during such a tumultuous event. In this era of social media …

Larry MogelonskyCrisis communications in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy

Larry Returns from Kiev!

Last week, Larry was invited as a speaker for the HVS 2013 Ukraine & CIS Hospitality Operations Forum held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. The two day conference saw Larry lead a three hour master class discussing online marketing strategies for hotels and the emergence of experiential marketing as well as a half hour presentation on contemporary issues facing hoteliers. This was his first time in Eastern Europe, so another day was spent touring the sights and sounds of the beautiful capital city of Kiev. All said, the event was a tremendous success!

PRLarry Returns from Kiev!

Movies set in hotels create long-term benefits

Like many other people, I’ve succumbed to the decades-in-the-making surge in TV consumption. My vices are movies and the occasional sports game. But most of the time, the TV is in the background as I blast out memos, emails and short essays on my laptop—multitasking at its finest. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now—burning the midnight oil to extrapolate on a question that crossed my mind while a rerun of the fan favorite “Scarface” (1983) plays out 10 feet away. My eureka moment was midway through the film when Al Pacino’s eponymous character strategizes his next move while lounging on a terrace at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.Other examples This same argument could be applied for many other popular Hollywood film jaunts. For instance, the Plaza Hotel in New York has played host to “North by Northwest” (1959), “Crocodile Dundee” (1986) and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” …

Larry MogelonskyMovies set in hotels create long-term benefits

York Mills Gardens Community Association Site Debut

This fresh, new site was developed from scratch for the York Mills Gardens Community Association. The new Word Press website utilizes a straightforward WordPress template to present the neighbourhood association and membership news in a non-nonsense format. Highlight segments at the bottom of the home page reinforce key topics of interest. This format is appropriate for a cost-effective, community and blogging based platform solutions. Click here to visit the website.

Jerry GrymekYork Mills Gardens Community Association Site Debut

Interview with Heather McCrory, GM of Fairmont Royal York

Somehow, someway, I was able to squeeze in a Q&A with Heather McCrory, the GM of The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, one week after she received Hotelier of the Year Honors from Canada’s Hotelier Magazine and just before the hectic pre-Christmas office close. Add to that her double duty as the regional VP, Central Canada for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. It’s still a wonder that my late evening email interview request was answered at 6:05am the very next day. For those unfamiliar with the iconic downtown Royal York, its room count fluctuates between 1,365 and 1,472 depending on suite allocations, along with bustling F&B and a cohort of 1,200 employees. Heather is also championing a multi-million dollar renovation down the pipe amidst a treble of stiff competition from new luxury entrants including Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-la and Trump. Managing all this points to a leader with a definitive type-A …

Larry MogelonskyInterview with Heather McCrory, GM of Fairmont Royal York

Oceanfront Resort at Carlsbad Beach Site Debut

LMA has launched a new website for The Oceanfront Resort at Carlsbad Beach. This brand new site was built to match the beautiful and relaxing feel that that parallels the atmosphere of the new resort in Carlsbad, California. Large photos are given room to breath and speak for themselves as users navigate the page seamlessly. Built in Expression Engine, the site’s responsive design looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It offers full social media integration and is fully content manageable. Click here to visit the website.

Jerry GrymekOceanfront Resort at Carlsbad Beach Site Debut

Who ya gonna call? The new Ghostbusters!

I am stating the obvious when I say online hotel reviews have revolutionized the way we do business. Every consumer is a potential consumer watchdog. The margins for errors are now so thin and expectations so high that all it takes is one mistake to wedge a hole between you and future business. Most hoteliers have already adapted to this emerging trend, and we now ardently listen to our online feedback. The problem is that guests aren’t always very articulate about what drives their own grading scales, which are often subjective and largely emotional. Like a magic show, they can only rate what they see or what dazzles them and not what’s actually happening behind the curtain to create such a spectacle. This in turn implies a need for knowledgeable criticism — like having a fellow magician review your magic show to offer constructive pointers a layman wouldn’t even fathom. …

Larry MogelonskyWho ya gonna call? The new Ghostbusters!