The elusiveness of loyalty

I have a strong loyalty quotient. That is, I am loyal to a number of establishments and brands with plenty of points to throw around. Take restaurants, for example. My kids often criticize me for going to the same restaurants month in, month out, instead of being more adventurous and going to the latest new opening. My rationale for the tried and true is straightforward. My regular jaunts provide all of the basics (great food, fine atmosphere and a good wine selection) but also something more: recognition. From the moment I am welcomed inside, through the course of the meal and to the time I leave, I am treated with respect and preference. In addition, on a random basis, I get extras, such as a complimentary dessert, drink or appetizer. This leads to me tipping the waitstaff anywhere between 20% and 25%. I have established relationships with these places. I’m …

Larry MogelonskyThe elusiveness of loyalty

LMA Represents VISIT FLORIDA® at the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) in Saskatoon, Saskatc

LMA representing VISIT FLORIDA as the Official Tourism Marketing Corporation for the State of Florida, at the annual TMAC Conference in Saskatoon, SK. Maureen Wright, Partner and Director of Public Relations, lead LMA’s effort. VISIT FLORIDA participated in professional development sessions, networking opportunities with media and industry, and the Media Marketplace.  The Media Marketplace on Thursday and Friday were filled with a busy workday at the VISIT FLORIDA media booth.  28 key media from across Canada participated in pre-scheduled appointments for a 15-minute Q & A on their media interest in Florida destinations. Many came with assignments and a specific date for their press trip to Florida. Other networking highlights included: professional development series with media/travel experts; the Annual General Meeting for TMAC; provincial Chapter Meetings and Reports; and keynote Performance Art Sessions. The program included an elegant Welcome Event, tours and a cultural reception at the Western Development Museum displaying the 'boom' days of Saskatoon reminiscent of the early days of …

PRLMA Represents VISIT FLORIDA® at the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) in Saskatoon, Saskatc

VISIT FLORIDA Pays a Visit to Toronto & Montreal and Shows Canadians ‘What’s New for 2013’

VISIT FLORIDA and Partners hosted a successful media breakfast and luncheon under the theme of VIVA Florida 500 at the Hazelton Hotel in downtown Toronto and Hôtel Gault in old/historic Montreal on May 8/9 respectively. Both events were sold out with Partners from across Florida showcasing ‘What’s New for 2013’ plus highlights of VIVA 500 celebrations in their respective destinations. Each Partner delivered individual showcase presentations to a packed room of media. The 12 Partners supplied newsworthy content to the 66 media attendees in Toronto and 38 French and English media in Montreal. The post event coverage was prolific covering mainstream, online, blogs and trade media outlets. Participating Partners included: Experience Kissimmee, Florida Keys & Key West CVB, Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB, Greater Miami CVB, Hayworth Creative, Florida's Space Coast, Naples, Marco Island, Everglades CVB, Palm Coast & Flagler Beaches, SeaWorld Parks/Busch Gardens/Discovery Cove, Sonesta ES Suites Hotel Orlando, The …

PRVISIT FLORIDA Pays a Visit to Toronto & Montreal and Shows Canadians ‘What’s New for 2013’

I love my dog

If this headline grabbed you, then you probably belong to one of the 78 million households in America (according to The Week) that owns one of these four-legged pooches. I too am one in that category, being the proud “father” of a 120-lb (54-kg) bundle of fur named Caesar — a somewhat overweight, spoiled Bouvier des Flandres that entered our family’s life six years ago. Caesar is not just a dog — he is an important member of our household. Many of you may roll your eyes, but a full quarter or more of those reading this will nod in agreement. So, do you accept dogs on your property? And if not, are you missing a significant revenue opportunity? My experience working with properties that allow dogs ranges from tourist class to 5-star luxury boutiques. In all, the general manager’s responses have been unanimous: having dogs on property presents no …

Larry MogelonskyI love my dog

Cameras as a tech boon for hoteliers

You may remember the days when a digital camera was a serious investment. The first digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras were large and expensive. A four-megabyte image was considered hefty. Memory storage cards were typically 32 to 64 gigabytes, pretty puny by today’s standards. Your iPhone beats this hands down. I recently had the opportunity to buy one of the latest digital cameras. Growing up in an era of 35mm SLR film camera gear, the experience was beyond anything I could imagine. The camera I eventually selected was the Olympus OM-D, one of many new compact SLRs offered today. The basic camera with zoom lens was about $1,500, which considering the feature set is a pretty good deal. (I purchased an additional lens; more on that in a minute.) Here is what impressed me, and importantly, why you should consider acquiring one of these examples of new technology for …

Larry MogelonskyCameras as a tech boon for hoteliers

Mr. Hilton, what do you think now?

Conrad Hilton Senior passed away in 1979. A hard-working, passionate man, he amassed a fortune that grew, with his son’s contributions, to well in excess of US$2 billion before it was converted to a charitable trust. Known for innovation, Mr. Hilton is probably best known for setting a standard of quality that cemented his worldwide hospitality empire. A guest staying at any of the hundreds of Hilton properties in the United States or overseas was assured of high-quality, confortable accommodations. Thus, the brand name “Hilton” became synonymous with the upper end of our industry. My, how times have changed. Here we are in 2013, nearly 35 years after his death, to learn that the Hilton New York Midtown, one of the brand’s largest properties, has done away with room service. The man responsible, Hilton Worldwide CEO Christopher Nassetta, has called upon other hoteliers to follow in his footsteps. Any volunteers? …

Larry MogelonskyMr. Hilton, what do you think now?

Building Mobile Apps to Boost Meetings

It’s no secret that mobile software — apps — are emerging with many new and interesting functions to change nearly everything about our daily lives. It’s widely known that the convergence of hotels, social marketing and real-time guest interactions is already well underway via mobile and tablet devices. All pursuits in this field tend to obey the general paradigm that their usage will in turn enhance a guest’s perception of a hotel. Apps built for improving meetings work the same way. If there’s a piece of software that can increase an event attendee’s ability to enjoy an upcoming, current or past conference, this ignites a virtuous cycle of positive outcomes. In the aftermath of a successful meeting, the planners would subsequently receive higher recognition for their efforts, increasing their ability to propagate future business ventures. Likewise, the meeting or conference center (often a hotel) would indirectly share in this praise, …

Larry MogelonskyBuilding Mobile Apps to Boost Meetings

‘The Great Gatsby’: A return to elegance

If you didn’t catch the movie “The Great Gatsby,” I am sure you have seen the trailers. If you go, pay less attention to Leonardo Dicaprio (who plays F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby) or Cary Mulligan, his object of attraction. Rather, cast your eyes on the sheer opulence portrayed in the movie: the costumes, the sets and the food consumption. Note how retailers, from Brooks Brothers to Harrods, have adapted promotional opportunities tied into the movie’s premium positioning. The world of Gatsby is one of total excess. Champagne pours like water, cars are only the finest, men wear tuxes, the women are dressed proverbially “to the nines” and the party never stops. Contrast this with a recent trip to a 2-star Michelin-rated restaurant in Barcelona. There I was on a weekday night, the only one wearing a sports jacket. Looking around, I noted men wearing sweaters, sports shirts and blue …

Larry Mogelonsky‘The Great Gatsby’: A return to elegance

New Website for Cayuga Hospitality Advisors

Cayuga Hospitality Advisors have more than 150 members worldwide, virtually all graduates or members of the faculty of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration or associate members of the Cornell Hotel Society. Members have an average of 25 to 35 years of hands-on hospitality industry experience, which translates into extraordinary expertise in all areas of the hospitality industries while providing an unequaled network committed to researching and solving any challenges for its clients. In addition to be a member, LMA was charged with the responsibility of building a web site that would serve as a comprehensive membership portal for business prospecting. The site creates an information interchange for the 180+ members with complete individualized controls. LMA created a site built in HTML5 with an easy-to-manage content management system on EE2. Special features of the site include an easy to use member's front-end login for profile editing and access to …

Jerry GrymekNew Website for Cayuga Hospitality Advisors

Newport Hospitality Group’s New Website

Newport Hospitality Group, Inc. was in need of a new and updated website for their business-to-business services.  A successful hotel management group that delivers revenue growth that consistently outperforms local markets, NHG was looking for an updated website that can cater to visitors on tablet and mobile as well as a traditional computer. LMA created a site built in HTML5 with an easy-to-manage content management system on EE2. The new website provides a fully responsive design, user-friendly navigation, and social media integration, all the while being visually attractive. Visit the NHG website.

Jerry GrymekNewport Hospitality Group’s New Website