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Ocean Crest Spa Website Launch

LMA is proud to announce the launched of a new website for Ocean Crest Spa. With a new design that highlights the tranquil atmosphere and relaxing treatments offered, this website also allows for easy browsing of the spa menu and packages. The new website was built in WordPress with a responsive design and full social media integration. To visit the website, click here:

lmaadminOcean Crest Spa Website Launch

Pork’n Pull Website Launch

LMA has updated the Legacy Pork website to promote the upcoming launch of a new product. Legacy Pork has released the Ultimate Pork’n Pull, an oven-ready, pre-spiced pulled pork available in stores this March. Building on our existing Legacy Pork website, LMA has created a new section highlighting this exciting new product, with preparation tips, recipes and information about where to buy it. LMA is proud to be part of the launch of this great new product from Legacy Pork. To browse the new Ultimate Pork’n Pull website click here:

Jerry GrymekPork’n Pull Website Launch

Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge Website Launch

LMA is proud to announce that it has launched a brand new website for Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge. This new design shows off the restaurant’s delicious coastal-inspired cuisine, as well as its inviting atmosphere. The new website was built in WordPress, and is the perfect home for this award-winning California restaurant. Guests can book a table online or keep up to date with the location through the integrated social media. To visit the website, click here:

Jerry GrymekChandler’s Restaurant and Lounge Website Launch

Where have all the matchboxes gone?

Picture this: I’m dining at an upscale restaurant and when the bill arrives, it comes with a branded matchbox for each person at our table. Twenty years ago, this would’ve been nothing out of the ordinary, maybe even a slightly nicer touch over leaving a bowl of matchbooks at the entrance or on the bar. But with the declining number of smokers as well as prohibitive laws against lighting up in public establishments, complimentary matchboxes are now somewhat of a rarity. While I’m not condoning a resurgence of cigarette consumption, from a branding and marketing perspective, perhaps we gave up on the matchbox a little too soon. Or, to be more abstract, we gave up on the idea of the matchbox. Back in the day when smokers were plentiful, matches had far more utility than they do now. They allowed people to consume cigarettes and, therefore, they were lifted from …

Larry MogelonskyWhere have all the matchboxes gone?

Sustainable hospitality gets green light

Green or environmentally friendly hotels are all the rage right now. And for good reason, too. Our environment needs a course correction and hotels, as leaders of the community, must be examples for others to follow. That, and more consumers are actively seeking out green properties when selecting their business or leisure accommodation. So, how do you start this process? What guidelines do you follow? What can you possibly implement on a rigorously tight budget? To briefly touch on the subject, I connected with Dagmar Ebaugh, the PR and Communications Manager at UL Environment, an independent safety science company whose mission is to advance the recognition of sustainable products and drive purchaser clarity by bringing trusted transparency to the green marketplace. Straight to the point, why should hotels care about sustainability? In the very aggressive hospitality market, it can be challenging for a property to differentiate itself from the competition. …

Larry MogelonskySustainable hospitality gets green light

Hilton Carlsbad Weddings and Meetings Mini-Sites Launch

LMA is pleased to announce the launch of Weddings and Meetings mini-sites for Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa. These focused websites are ideal for use in sales presentations and targeted marketing when appealing to guests with an eye towards booking a wedding or meeting at this luxury venue. Built in WordPress, the sites feature direct contact options, social media integration and a beautiful, streamlined look that can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile. To view the sites, click these links:

Jerry GrymekHilton Carlsbad Weddings and Meetings Mini-Sites Launch

Consumers’ Association of Canada Site Launch

LMA is proud to have helped design a brand new web site for the Consumer Association of Canada. This new bilingual site was built in EE2 and is completely responsive for viewing on any tablet or mobile device. In addition to offering the latest news from the CAC, the site also features tips and links for Canadian consumers as well as a section for donations. Visit the new site at 

Jerry GrymekConsumers’ Association of Canada Site Launch

An inside look at 5-star F&B

I’ve long held the belief that you can’t be successful in the hotel industry without a dedicated effort in your food-and-beverage offerings. This is especially true for hotels at the 4-star, 5-star and ultra-luxury levels, where guests are expecting far more from their dining options than just a grab-and-go style outlet. But, like every other aspect of our operations, F&B is an orchestra of moving parts and it takes a healthy blend of managerial savvy, cordiality and experience to get it right. With this in mind, I approached Victorio Gonzalez, the director of F&B at Montage Laguna Beach of Montage Hotels & Resorts, to answer a few questions on the subject. Mogelonsky: Give me an overview of the F&B operations at Montage Laguna Beach. Gonzalez: “Our F&B operations consist of a very dynamic mix of banquets (social & corporate catering, conference services, premier charity/fundraiser) along with a first class, 24-hour …

Larry MogelonskyAn inside look at 5-star F&B

Elevating the grilled cheese

We are in the midst of a food revolution – or reboot if you will. Chefs all over are taking restaurant staples like hamburgers, sliders, sandwiches, omelets, salads, burritos and tacos and giving them their own personal twists. They are reimagining these basic foods as a foundation for something far more flavorful, something far more grandiose and something far more memorable. Above all, they are giving customers a reason to return. Today, I want to reboot the grilled cheese. But why bother with a cheesy makeover? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s all about leaving an impression. Any restaurant or kitchen can prepare a basic grilled cheese sandwich – butter the bread, slap some processed cheese in the middle and throw it on a fry pan. If you aim to do the same as any other eatery, then how will you standout? One option at this point is to …

Larry MogelonskyElevating the grilled cheese

Haute Chocolate

This has been a particularly cruel winter in the Northeast (United States and Canada) — freezing rain, ice storms, blizzards, cold snaps — basically “the works” that any snowscape can offer its inhabitants. A situation as dramatic as this deserves an equally emphatic F&B response. Cold weather? Soup, of course. But what about beverages? To me, nothing solves the challenge of delivering immediate warmth better than hot chocolate. Too many restaurants consider hot chocolate to be nothing more than a powdery mix from a pouch, perhaps adding milk instead of hot water. These are probably the same folks who take a generic tea bag and serve it to you with a metal pot of tepid water. As is the way with any food product, quality goes a long way. Remember the way your mom or grandma used to make hot chocolate? The recipe, with many variations, involved slowly warming milk …

Larry MogelonskyHaute Chocolate