Making Guests Happy, Casino Style

A recent trip to Las Vegas for some quick R&R reminded me of the importance of capitalizing on every opportunity to exceed expectations as well as proper staff training in all departments and all levels. (I will omit the name of the property/casino in this story, but will reveal this information to anyone who emails me a kind note.) For most, staying in Las Vegas means some casino gaming, whether perfunctory, addictive or all in between. I am not an avid gambler, so an annual trip seems to suffice in getting this urge satiated. Hoping that fortunes would improve outside of the casino of my residential hotel, I ventured next door to see if a change of venue would offer a more positive turn in fortunes. I play a card game that gives the house a modest advantage of about 8% on the odds. Undaunted, I sat down at a …

Larry MogelonskyMaking Guests Happy, Casino Style

Adapting To the Age Of Location Analytics

Big Brother is coming. He knows where you are. He’s tracking your every move. Despite whatever dystopian fiction you’ve read, seen or had nightmares about, he’s actually here to help. And he doesn’t go by some tyrannical, cult of personality namesake as ”Big Brother” but rather the far more innocuous title of “Location Analytics.” So, what is this marvel of modern science? Let me explain it in a generalized manner (which isn’t necessarily the route taken by all companies involved) so we don’t get bogged down in IT jargon. It all starts when a smartphone comes within range of a wireless Internet hub. At this point, the Wi-Fi router detects the mobile’s 16-digit signature (unique to that phone) and vice versa. No information is exchanged between the two machines; it’s simply a handshake to acknowledge each other’s presence. Now imagine you install Wi-Fi repeater nodes at, say, 100-foot intervals throughout …

Larry MogelonskyAdapting To the Age Of Location Analytics

Duplicate Bridge: Developing Your Business Acumen

What do Isadore Sharp, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and I have in common? No, it is not a hotel chain or a real estate deal. Rather, it is a deep passion for a card game called duplicate bridge. Bridge had its heyday back in the 1950s when it was considered an appropriate conclusion to a dinner party. I fondly recall learning to play when I was in university in the 1970s when it seemed as if a continuous game was being played in the student union building. That game was called “rubber” bridge, where the cards are dealt and the game transpires based upon bidding, card play and, to a certain extent, the luck of the deal. In duplicate bridge, everyone is dealt the same hand. In effect, your skill is based on comparing how you perform with the resources you have been given in comparison with the dozen or …

Larry MogelonskyDuplicate Bridge: Developing Your Business Acumen

All Eyes On Summer

The Memorial Day long weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer. And so, as the sun returns and the lands turn verdant, it is time once again to look towards this season to see where we might boost sales. Not to be exclusionary, the Canadian equivalent of this holiday is Victoria Day, the UK has its Spring Bank Holiday and many other European countries have their own public holidays around this time such as Ascension Day (while some might even point to the internationally celebrated May 1st Labor Day as the first turn towards summer). Regardless of the exact holiday date, what’s significant about this late May shift is that if you haven’t started putting the gears of your summer promotion slate in place, now is the time. And the clock is ticking! Everyone of your competitors will be running some sort of promotion or package during this high tide …

Larry MogelonskyAll Eyes On Summer

Five Lessons From Economy Hotels

Most of the time, innovation flows downstream. In our industry, logically, this implies that ideas generated amongst four and five star (rated) properties are the idea generators, leading the industry with new features that are emulated further along the food chain. In this way, we are highly focused on learning from exemplary hotels in the premium price range that we seldom give enough attention to those providers who are succeeding at the economy level. These are operators who might not have the lavish facilities or a monstrous and pliable budget, and yet they nevertheless find a way to make it all work. In their own way, successful hoteliers at the economy level have also become innovators. Here are five areas where this segment is leading the charge: 1. Complimentary breakfast One of the reasons why I emphasize F&B as #1 is that it plucks at our emotional strings. Help people …

Larry MogelonskyFive Lessons From Economy Hotels
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The Wandering Elk Website Launch

LMA is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new site for Canmore’s latest restaurant: The Wandering Elk. It was important to us to give a distinctive and inviting look to Canmore and Windtower’s latest addition, which offers delicious meals with breathtaking views. The new website is content managed with a fully responsive design and social media integration. It offers downloadable menus, Google Maps to guide guests to the restaurant and a blog for posting specials and events. To visit the site, click here: http://thewanderingelk.ca/.

lmaadminThe Wandering Elk Website Launch

Google Glass Heads-Up

Do you know about Google Glass? If not, you better do your homework. As Google segues from search-engine hegemony into all other areas of tech, one item in its scope is your glasses, beaming information about your surroundings directly onto the inside of your lens. A bit sci-fi, yes. But rest assured, this multibillion-dollar company is making it happen. Helping Google usher in this new fashion age is Virgin Atlantic Airlines, which is rolling out a plan to equip its flight attendants and check-in teams with Google Glass headpieces alongside Sony Smartwatch accessories. The idea: speed up service delivery and heighten personalization. The technology integration will give passengers the latest updates (flight times, weather, local events, etc.) as well as assist with other potential areas of conflict like language translations. So, if companies like Virgin Group are trying out this new device, why not your hotel? Yes, Google Glass isn’t …

Larry MogelonskyGoogle Glass Heads-Up
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Join Larry at the 2014 Cornell Hospitality Research Summit

We are proud to announce that Larry has been invited to speak at the 2014 Cornell Hospitality Research Summit (CHRS). The conference is held annually in Ithaca, New York, taking place this year from October 12th to 14th. To learn more or to register for the event, please click here. Now in its third year, CHRS focuses on thought leadership and cooperative discussions on current trends that are impacting the hotel industry. Larry’s talk will be an examination of the future of hotel-OTA relationships, forecasting how the industry will change if the dynamic remains as is as well as offering solutions to help properties find a healthier channel balance.

lmaadminJoin Larry at the 2014 Cornell Hospitality Research Summit

In Vino Veritas, Part XXI: A Campaign For Spain

Focusing back on another European behemoth this month, let’s shine a magnifying glass on Spain. Why the title? First, it rhymes. Second, in North America at least, Spanish wines and grapes are perhaps not as widely known as their French or Italian counterparts, in addition to the more internationally renowned and cultivated varietals — merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and so on. This sentiment is quite understandable when you consider that until the mid-1970s, Spain, under the Franco regime, didn’t have a governmental body in place favorable to modernization nor the capitalist fervor needed for competitive winemaking. Prior to the country’s emergence as a free-market economy, most of the alcoholic produce was locally consumed and, frankly, jug wine at best. Nowadays, however, Spain is still a top consumer, but it’s also the third-largest exporter, and their bottles are arguably able to contend with the best of the world, both old and …

Larry MogelonskyIn Vino Veritas, Part XXI: A Campaign For Spain

Level Hotel Brooklyn Lobby Commission

The Level Hotel Brooklyn will bring 183 guest rooms, retail space and ten stories of commercial office space to North Williamsburg. But perhaps the most exciting part of this new project is the hotel developer’s unequivocal commitment to the local art community. Specifically, to ensure that all the artwork within the property reflects the output of local artists. The first stage of this commitment is a competition to select the Brooklyn-based (or native) artist who will have the responsibility of completing the signature sculpture for the lobby. Coinciding with the groundbreaking, the Level Hotel will put out a public call for submissions to the project. A selection committee for this commission who, along with representatives from the architectural and design firms will be responsible for the preliminary selection of the three finalists as well as select the winner who will build the lobby installation. LMA will be working with the …

lmaadminLevel Hotel Brooklyn Lobby Commission