Hospitality Veterans: Step Up and Mentor Before You Retire

Attending the recent HITEC tradeshow in Los Angeles, I was quick to point out that there weren’t a lot of ‘grey hairs’. Okay, my hair isn’t gray; it’s just that there is so little remaining that you won’t appreciate the color! What I mean is that the technology of our industry has advanced leaps and bounds, and those driving this progression tend to be younger. If I had to guess, I would say a median age at the conference was around 38. That got me thinking. Why am I, now just past the ripe age of 60, a senior fellow at this show? Is it that the older generation isn’t interested in all the latest technological advances, or is it that there is no one left my age still working in our industry? Or, shudder to think, is it that those who reach the golden years of their career are …

Larry MogelonskyHospitality Veterans: Step Up and Mentor Before You Retire

In Vino Veritas, Part XXIV: Organic Wines

Everybody is going organic these days — fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and now alcoholic beverages (and that’s only including food products). The trend makes sense, too — people are concerned about what chemicals are being added to foods and how they affect their health. Many pesticides, herbicides, additives or genetically modified foods aren’t great for you long term, and going organic nullifies many of these potential concerns. In terms of psychographics, the three basic mindsets to consider are: Devoted: Those whose diets are mostly or completely organic food and who go out of their way to uphold their nutritional beliefs Dabbling: Those who understand the benefits of eating organics and will purchase such foods when presented the opportunity but aren’t strict about adhering to any restrictions Disinterested: Those who don’t care either way and might even be turned off by the extra markups associated with organic foods For people in …

Larry MogelonskyIn Vino Veritas, Part XXIV: Organic Wines

A Look Inside A Hotel Laundry

I liken the running of a hotel to the movement of an army – all the various teams and squads coordinated in sync for a common goal. And indeed, the staff at a hotel is often a virtual army, numbering the hundreds with any departments’ work invisible to the outside world (think covert ops). A property cannot function without these back-of-house processes, but because only fellow employees – and not guests – are privy to their inner details, it’s not hard to sniff out what makes them truly effective. For this pursuit, I was put in touch with Marta Vukotic, one of three laundry leaders at the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver. Opening in late January 2009 and in time for the Winter Olympics the following year, the Shangri-La is the only five-diamond hotel in the city as well as its tallest structure. This last bit may be a tad misleading …

Larry MogelonskyA Look Inside A Hotel Laundry

Five Things Every Hospitality Salesperson Should Master

Perhaps one of the finest hospitality sales professionals I know is David Brudney. In a career that spans 35+ years, David has had the pleasure of assessing, training and/or mentoring hospitality sales associates from major hotel chains and independents throughout the U.S. and abroad. Reflecting on his experiences, I asked David to outline some of the critical fundamentals of successful hotel selling skills. Preparation Know your product and the competition, and learn as much about the prospect as possible. Don’t go to bat without a plan (e.g.: What is your goal? Secure an appointment, entertainment, site inspection, perhaps a tentative or definite booking?). David used a baseball metaphor to think about how you plan your sales call. A lot of fans think you just step up to the plate ready to bat. But good hitters have an exact plan coming to bat, such as bunting, moving a runner to second …

Larry MogelonskyFive Things Every Hospitality Salesperson Should Master

New Logo for Hundley Burn

Hundley Burn LLC provides a wide range of financial services for businesses and individuals, by combining the power of world-class resources with personalized service to maximize financial success. The company is re-branding from Hundley CPAs Corporation to Hundley Burn LLC and came to us for a visual identity to reflect the brand positioning This sophisticated logo design takes its inspiration from the concept of overlapping shapes representing collaboration and partnerships. It is a unique and stylistic representation of the company’s name through innovative use of shapes representing the ‘H’ and ‘B’. By creating a stylized symbol of the initials, we have created an iconic representation of the brand.

lmaadminNew Logo for Hundley Burn

Frictionless – The Optimal Word for Designing Your Mobile Experience

Designing a ‘frictionless travel experience’ should be a primary objective when building your mobile platform because that is exactly what consumers want. But what exactly does frictionless mean and what does it entail? A better mobile experience translates to more value creation for the consumer and, ultimately, more mobile bookings. Given that travel research and reservations via cellular devices continue to climb in the aggregate percentages (some forecasts predict mobile bookings to reach upwards of 20% by the end of 2014), you cannot neglect this aspect of your web budget, even if your website is less than three years old. A website that is over three years old is one that is dull, unresponsive to current mobile platforms and not keeping pace with consumer expectations. Additionally, smartphone travel behavior is rapidly fragmenting. There are those who research via mobile during lunch breaks then save the credit card information for a …

Larry MogelonskyFrictionless – The Optimal Word for Designing Your Mobile Experience

New website for author Barry Strauss

We recently completed a new website for author Barry Strauss. This new site is fully responsive and shows off his books and extensive blog. Look out for the launch of his new book, The Death of Caesar, in 2015!

lmaadminNew website for author Barry Strauss

The Hotel Art Scene – Building Communities and SEO

It goes without saying that a big marketing topic these days is search engine optimization, or SEO. We’re all looking for ways to increase website visibility and countless articles have pointed steadfastly to heightened exposure amongst neighborhood businesses or community organizations as a highly workable strategy. Indeed, the Google algorithms are set up to look for these local connections and give priority to businesses with the most local activity. But if everyone is going after the same thing, how do you differentiate yourself? My solution: specific and dedicated strategy. And the approach today is to increase SEO by becoming a patron of the local art scene. Unless you operate a quaint 15-room B&B, you’ll likely have a little extra space around the property for a new piece of art or two. You might decide to leave, for example, a hallway alcove – complete with neutral gray-painted walls – blank and …

Larry MogelonskyThe Hotel Art Scene – Building Communities and SEO

Wings Club Woo Commerce

We recently launched a payment gateway for the Wings Club. Using Woo Commerce, this area allows visitors to easily pay for events or renew their memberships online using a credit card or PayPal account. The system is fully content manageable and easy for the staff of the Wings Club to update. See it live.

lmaadminWings Club Woo Commerce

Bona Fide Hospitality vs Hotel Commoditization

Being away on a hybrid business-vacation consulting trip is the perfect opportunity for a little self-reflection and industry introspection. As I sit in the living room of my suite at an uber-luxurious property enjoying a few minutes of down time, I begin to dwell on the question, “What is hospitality?” The dictionary definition of hospitality is: “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests.” Well said! Examine your operations and ask yourself if you are indeed both friendly and generous in how you welcome and host your guests. No one is expecting you to open your arms and offer everything for free. But on the other hand, as hoteliers, is it not our credo to be true to this essence of hospitality? An example here may provide some elucidation. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself staying at a branded airport property for a few nights (the name …

Larry MogelonskyBona Fide Hospitality vs Hotel Commoditization