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The Unsung Heroes of Hospitality – Executive Housekeepers

Housekeeping has always been top of mind for hoteliers, but it is only within the past decade that its importance has gone into overdrive as errors in this department have been given a beaming spotlight in TripAdvisor reviews. Finding a balance is now harder than ever; you have to stay cost effective while at the same time a myriad of minor slipups can cost thousands of dollars via online guest reviews. In my quest to help you better understand the issue and learn from what other hoteliers are doing, I was put in touch with Sonakhanum Mammadova, the Executive Housekeeper at the Fairmont Flame Towers in Baku, Azerbaijan. Completed less than two years ago, the Flame Towers are utterly stunning and a symbol of modern Baku (google a few images and see for yourself). But fancy architecture doesn’t necessarily translate in excelsior cleaning services. And that is where we begin… …

Larry MogelonskyThe Unsung Heroes of Hospitality – Executive Housekeepers

Leadership Mentoring – What’s Most Important

According to a benchmark study in 2012, US companies alone spend almost $14 billion annually on leadership development with the cost of customized offerings from top business schools reaching upwards of $150,000 per person. No one can doubt that it’s important. But molding the next generation of hospitality leaders (keeping this price tag in mind) is far easier said than done. There are lots of tricks to develop and coach leaders without spending excruciating amounts of money, as highlighted in a recent article, “Why Leadership Development Programs Fail” by Pierre Gurdjian, Thomas Halbeisen and Kevin Lane. You start by choosing only those individuals who possess the most essential capabilities for business success such as strong decision making or coaching skills. Then, you have to match specific traits to the current context, ensuring that the cycle of leadership and mentorship is completed in real time with real work. Beyond this, I …

Larry MogelonskyLeadership Mentoring – What’s Most Important

Enhancing A Loyalty Program With Gamification

The Web and software world has embraced “gamification” during the past few years as websites and mobile apps find ever-craftier ways to incorporate gaming mechanics into their platforms. The goal is simple: heighten consumer interaction by making the platform more exciting. It’s something video games do especially well. By capitalizing upon our desire for instant gratification, these systems can go from amusing to addictive. When was the last time you heard a loyalty program described as addictive? Certainly, in the hotel industry, probably never. Most of the time, these programs are supplemental to emotional consumer drivers: Guests select a hotel brand with the loyalty program seldom acting as the primary reason for continued brand affinity. In this sense, they are afterthoughts and rarely take center stage with the product. Part of the problem is that the hotel landscape is saturated with loyalty programs; it’s almost mandatory that every property be …

Larry MogelonskyEnhancing A Loyalty Program With Gamification

A Food & Beverage Profitability Road Map

Food and beverage is an area of hospitality that I consider integral and yet it comes with a lot of unpredictability. That’s why it’s always good to hear from current and former F&B Directors to decipher how they managed and succeeded in this volatile field. To this end, I’ve recruited Sean Handerhan – a former Director of Food and Beverage Marketing at Marriott for 17 years – for a discussion on the topic. Of note during his tenure, Sean helped implement the first branded pizza program for this chain as well as initiating the development of The Gourmet Bean, a multifaceted coffee concept that has been installed in over 100 locations. Throughout this time, Sean has led multi-discipline teams to improve hotel restaurant operations by applying customer research, developing facility layout changes and redeploying staff to heighten guest satisfaction scores. Why is F&B often labeled as the least profitable segment …

Larry MogelonskyA Food & Beverage Profitability Road Map

New website for Fox Lair PI

We have just launched a new web site for Fox Lair PI. This site is fully responsive and runs off of a Word Press platform. Check it out at

lmaadminNew website for Fox Lair PI