The Future of Facebook for 2015 and Beyond

Now over a decade old, Facebook is a mature product. No longer the rebellious upstart of 2004 promising to change the way we connect; it’s now the status quo. For better or for worse, it has done its job in this regard. With over a billion users, Facebook’s monthly growth rate is now close to flat. We all know about social media, understand its potential for reaching consumers, and most of us have registered on one network or another. As a part of this status quo, it’s vital that you think about how the network’s maturation affects consumer perceptions and interactions. In line with this, many of us may feel obliged to maintain an account on one of the more popular social media like Facebook because of how entrenched said networks have become within groups of friends. My question to you: how does something that’s viewed as ‘compulsory’ change how …

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Getting Ready for the Winter Season

Merry early Christmas to all (and Happy Chanukah as well). Take the much-vaunted time of to reflect on your successes and failures in 2014 as well as what actions you will take in 2015. Rest, relax, and then return to work fully recharged and ready for another round. While most of you are already half out the door and in full-on holiday mode, lest you forget that after the Christmas-New Year’s period, the shopping spree attitude subsides in favor of a ‘back to work’ mentality and alas we are left with the traditional low volume months of January, February and the weeks in March prior to Spring Break. There are obvious exceptions to this – notably for those operators situated somewhere in or around the tropics – but for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this period isn’t a sure thing when it comes to putting the ledgers in …

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Would The Real St. Regis Please Stand Up?

Here’s an interesting case study for you. The St. Regis Hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, is an independent property and not part of the international St. Regis brand in the Starwood family. Copyright claims are nullified by the fact that the St. Regis Hotel in Vancouver – established in 1913 – predates the formation of the latter’s brand launch. After visiting, the argument can be made that no matter what, you can’t bank on your name. You have to deliver and exceed on consumers’ expectations. To help offer some insights is the property’s general manager, Jeremy Roncoroni. Give us a very brief property overview. 65 rooms: 15 suites, 10 kings, 30 queen, 10 doubles. Built in 1913, boutique in style, $12 million (CAD) renovation in 2008 by acclaimed interior designer Elaine Thorsell. You manage the St. Regis Hotel, but it is NOT a St. Regis Property. …

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In Vino Veritas Part XXIX: Champagne!

Once you pop, the fun don’t stop! That’s the marketing slogan for champagne, am I right? In any case, with it being December with holiday gatherings and New Years parties galore, it’s the best time of the year to discuss this classic celebratory drink. I previously talked about Moscato D’Asti sparkling wines usurping the popularity of champagne, but this is mere conjecture or decades away at best. In most bars and restaurants, when it comes to the bubbly, champagne represents the status quo for taste and class. I see no reason why your servers shouldn’t be able to easily help patrons at your hotel restaurant with their sparkling wine selections and convince them of this elixir’s worth. For most, champagne is an expensive and sugary treat, served in fancy tall and thin glasses otherwise known as flutes. The backstory is, of course, far from boring. First off, you and your …

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Visit a Hotel School and Reinvigorate Your Passions for Hospitality

Attending this year’s Cornell Hospitality Research Summit and listening to a plethora of hotel ‘intelligentsia’ speak on various topics was very inspirational. As a think tank on the industry at large, there was much learning to be had and I’d recommend the conference to anyone looking for a worthwhile networking event or to catch up on some of the latest research hitting the hospitality airwaves. However, this being held at a hotel school had an unintended effect. It put me face to face with many young, bright minds who will soon enter the workforce, most likely in the hospitality field. Meeting students is always a positive experience, especially when they are enthusiastically volunteering to help orchestrate a symposium of this nature or willingly serving you at a restaurant. These encounters are opportunities for you to invigorate the next generation of hoteliers with your passion and wisdom, but they are also …

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Hotel Llama Now Available!

Arriving just in time for the holidays, we are proud to announce that Larry’s third book on hospitality is now available for purchase! Entitled Hotel Llama, this anthology text covers the latest topics and issues facing the hotel industry, giving managers the knowledge they need to thrive in these ever-changing times. After reading this book, hoteliers will have the right tools in their arsenal to strategically solve any modern business problem. Like Larry’s first two books – Are You an Ostrich or a Llama? and Llamas Rule – Hotel Llama is available for purchase on as well as Barnes & Noble. Alternatively, to access the online version of Hotel Llama, join the Llama Digital Educational Program, which consolidates all three books into one seamless web platform. Along with the hundreds of essays posted, skill-testing questions adjoin each article to ensure that hoteliers fully understand the concepts presented. To join, …

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Specific Tips to Attract Travelers from China

To many in the Western World, cracking the Chinese travel market is a frustrating enigma. There are over a billion souls living in this over-six-thousand-years-old nation with a voraciously widening middle class, and yet a combination of language, cultural and governmental barriers intimidate us away from launching full-fledged awareness campaigns in this market. But this shouldn’t be the case, and it’s why I’ve been ever curious these past few years, seeking out individuals who have insights as to how hotels can breach this gap. I had the chance recently to interview Evan Saunders, the CEO of Attract China, with regard to the expectations of Chinese outbound travelers as well as a few simple tips that hotels can implement to better accommodate members of this group. And to clue you in on the gravitas of this situation, it’s estimated that by 2018 China will be the number one nation in terms …

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Experiential Marketing for Hotels

The world of hotel marketing is changing. Internet sites, OTAs, social media and other new channels hold the limelight while print advertising, radio, rack brochures and other 20th century staples fall out of practices. In these ever-evolving times, however, it would be folly to abandon the old ways entirely. Instead, an integrated approach works best via a circular strategy called experiential marketing, comprised of three broad components: Onsite / On-Property Excellence Relationship Management Advertising and PR Like a virtuous circle or a golden triangle, each equal part feeds back into and reinvigorates the other two. In order to understand and apply the principles of experiential marketing, you must be able to grasp how each component acts on its own. Onsite / On-Property Excellence While the latter two require some elaboration, the first item on this list should not. We are hoteliers and our ability to drum up future business is …

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