Room to Brew: The Future of In-Room Coffee

My morning coffee is a perpetual delight in my life, warming my insides, prickling my nose with its soothing aroma and sparking my brain for the day ahead. It’s a simple pleasure, a momentary respite and a ritual I do not take lightly. I bet many of you are in the same boat! All subtle addictions aside, coffee is an essential part of many people’s lives and as such, it merits your attention – both at home and at work. In this case, let’s assume your place of work is a hotel or related to a hospitality setting in some manner or another. But that doesn’t mean that the home coffee experience is not applicable; quite the opposite in fact. We want our guests to ‘feel at home’, and any actions we can take to better emulate a person’s image of the ideal daily caffeine ritual with be greatly appreciated. …

lmaadminRoom to Brew: The Future of In-Room Coffee

Is It Too Late To Fight Back Against Airbnb?

Despite what many have dismissed as a mere blip on the radar, Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with and we have yet to see just how widely it will impact our livelihoods. But before we discuss this disruptive company and its effects on the hospitality industry, let’s look to Uber and how it is changing the way we utilize vehicles for hire. Starting out as a niche taxi service provider reliant on smartphone geolocation technology, it’s now far more than just a trendy accessory for millennials living in San Francisco or Brooklyn. Founded in 2009, it has already expanded into over 200 cities across the globe and a $40 billion valuation to boot. Even with an abundance of controversy pertaining to its surplus charges at peak periods or its purported disregard for user privacy, the fact remains that Uber is now a household name across multiple demographics. Uber …

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The Future of Social Media is Advertising

Whoever said that advertising is dead is either horribly misinformed or merely drumming up controversy as part of a self-promotions agenda. This article is a rebuttal for all those naysayers and managers who are slashing their advertising budgets in favor of newer and supposedly cheaper methods of building their businesses. The fact is that advertising is thriving – and will continue to thrive – through online platforms, social media included. Yes, traditional mediums have slid from the limelight, but digital channels are more than ready to pick up the slack. Once we have long passed the initial fervor surrounding these new digital channels, we will come to see that social media is simply another form of ‘media’ and paid advertising is but one tactic for using said media alongside public relations and customer relationship management. The adjective ‘paid’ in that last sentence is an important modifier because the conversational nature …

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A Valentine’s Postmortem

Come Monday morning, the aura of a hopefully bountiful Valentine’s Day will have passed and, with a pound of chocolate-covered strawberries still lodged in your small intestine, it will be time to assess your successes and your shortcomings for this holiday boon. Importantly, such evaluations should be rather illuminating; they will be quite handy when planning next February’s big day or any other major celebration of this nature throughout the year. Typically, I start with a year-over-year packages sold comparison. This is followed by a detailed assessment of the big dinner, starting with year-over-year average dollars sold by table, and then drilling down to each dish to see which were most popular, beverages (primarily an analysis of the alcohol sold) and turns. Beyond this, I drill down to any specific experimentation that was done with the holiday, any associated metrics and any ensuing qualitative feedback. It also doesn’t hurt to …

lmaadminA Valentine’s Postmortem

Live from New York: The Westminster Dog Show!

This past weekend was a lot of things for a great many people. But it was particularly special for those of us who happened to be in New York City. Not only was it Valentine’s Day – a very romantic time to be in NYC – but there were two very important events. Playing on the title, Sunday night marked the 40th Anniversary Special for Saturday Night Live. Best of all, though, was the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which takes place in mid-February every year at Madison Square Garden. And none other than LMA’s own Jerry Grymek was onsite for the whole event, once again reprising his role as the infamous Doggie Concierge. Acting at the behest of New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania – which is right across the street from MSG and the foremost hotel for the event – he worked tirelessly to help canine guests and their owners …

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A New Home for ODEV Consulting

ODEV Consulting LLC requested a new web site to help showcase their organizational effectiveness and talent management solutions.  We designed a user-friendly page that allows potential clients to learn more about ODEV Consulting’s services and how ODEV Consulting can help resolve organizational challenges.  Check it out at

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Eight Tips To Improve Your Fitness Facilities

Wellness is all the rage these days, and that isn’t bound to change anytime in the next decade. We are increasingly becoming a health-conscious society and, with comfortable guestrooms, spas, restaurants and fitness facilities, hotels are primed to capitalize on this movement. It’s the latter of these operations that is the focus here. Spas and wellness go hand-in-hand, and your F&B department likewise has numerous options in this regard (organics, local sourcing, gluten-free, calorie counting and so on). A property’s gym and any other associated sports facilities are often neglected 1. Great Trainers. Just as your staff is the lifeblood of the hotel, your trainers form the core of your fitness operations. They must be attentive, knowledgeable and highly personable. They should make themselves available to everyone, not just those who have an appointment. They should remember names, past conversations and any particular concerns people have had. 2. Make the …

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In Vino Veritas XXXI: Chocolate and Wine Pairings

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s explore one more elegant way to satisfy your guests for this upcoming weekend. We all know that chocolate is a highly romantic food (it’s an aphrodisiac after all) and, of course, wine goes with just about any meal, so why not bring the two together? While you might not have any many options as, say, a wine and cheese tasting, pairing chocolate with these grape-based liquors may be just the ticket to winning the hearts and minds of incoming guests. You can apply this concept as a small-plate amuse bouche, an appetizer, a dessert or as part of the main if a key ingredient is some iteration of the cocoa bean. Furthermore, much like any other edible staple with a bourgeois cache, chocolate is also in the midst of an artisanal revolution. There’s now a plethora of high percentage dark, organic and …

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Quick Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Now that it’s February, many of us are in high gear as we motor towards the finish line which is the 14th of this month. Normally, the planning for Valentine’s Day is either the first marketing activity of the New Year or the foundation is laid sometime in the fourth quarter. If you are just getting underway with this project, don’t despair! There are still many tasks you can complete in the days leading up to the main event. This year presents an exceptional opportunity – the annual romantic apogee falls on a Saturday. As such, my first recommendation is that you institute a two night minimum stay for that weekend. If you do not sell out on the Saturday, well, let’s just say it’s given that you will sell out on Saturday, so this policy will ensure that the Valentine’s bounties extend to both Friday and Sunday nights. Building …

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The Power of London at The Savoy Hotel

When one thinks of The Savoy in London, one recalls that of high tea, formality and maybe even an episode of Masterpiece Theatre’s famous series, Downton Abbey. Serving as a bastion of society and refinement for 125 years, The Savoy remains a landmark of British heritage as well as world-class hospitality. Relying on the prestige of the past isn’t the hotel’s only card. Far from it; managers are forging the way towards a modern interpretation of classic British service concepts. The Savoy was acquired by Fairmont over five years ago. Closed for more than two years, the property underwent an amazing transformation. While protecting the structure and many of the fixtures, all of the workings (heat, air, electrics, plumbing, electronics) were totally replaced. Presiding over the hotel’s team is Managing Director, Kiaran MacDonald, coming by way of Fairmont’s Waterfront (Vancouver) and Scottsdale properties. Fully steeped in North American luxury, he …

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