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Business Four Ways

There are many ways to assess and categorize the strengths and weaknesses of a hospitality business. Allow me to present a slightly different and holistic way of organizing how you approach the daunting task of where to allocate funds for the next cycle. For one, we tend to drill down to the minutia of a venture. I am confident that any GM knows the intimate details of the variable cost of each amenity, the labor costs at the front desk or even the number of yards of drapery fabric required per room for an upcoming renovation. After all, it’s our business to know such detailed metrics, and we pride ourselves in this depth of expertise. But a hotel is a complex piece of machinery – in fact, much more complex than we often appreciate. With so many different challenges at hand, I was looking for a way of categorizing these …

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Gray is the New Green Part 10: The Marketing Gap

As someone active in the marketing and advetising world for almost 40 years (a scary number!), what I’m about to describe is not something I’m particularly proud of. Now that the millennials have officially surpassed the boomers in sheer numbers, it’s become a trend to treat the latter group as a ‘dying generation’. And from this has emerged the outlook that marketing slogans and campaigns attempting to appeal to boomers should focus on the motifs of retirement, aging and health. While these three themes are on the back of most boomers’ minds, they are hardly the foremost thoughts as we go about our days. Many of us are at the peaks of our careers, working to our wits’ ends and still with a fervent passion to propel the world forward via whatever labor specialization or hobby we have perfected over the years. We boomers may be in decline numbers-wise, but …

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The Power of Trees

The last Friday in April is Arbor Day, and with Earth Day occurring a few days earlier, it’s a good time to talk a little bit about the environment and how it relates to hospitality. Undoubtedly you’ve browsed through more than few articles discussing sustainable designs and how they can save oodles in long-term expenses on top of all the ensuing benefits for our environment. Moreover, you’ve probably come across several statistics demonstrating that modern consumers (particularly those falling in the younger demographics) are predisposed to like a brand even more if it has shown itself to be environmentally friendly. These two subjects are worthy of their own lengthy editorials and so I’ll leave them for another time. Instead, let’s focus on a few smaller topics. Arbor Day is truly devoted to trees and I want you to consider all the ways that trees impact our lives. Outside the obvious …

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In Vino Veritas XXXIII: I Heard It Through The Greece Vine

If a nation happens to have an ancient god of wine, then you know that grapes are indeed important to the culture. Such is the case with Greece, one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world and home to our dearest, drunkest Dionysus. In fact, it was in Mycenae (Greece before it was called even that) where our modern breed of grape vine was developed and perfected for growth in the dry summers, ample sunlight and mild winters of the Mediterranean. While the country pales in comparison to three big in Europe (Italy, France and Spain) in terms of total output, that hardly precludes it from offering many eloquent drops. Greece currently boasts more than 300 varietals from 28 appellations, all with quite uncommon names. This means that whatever your choice of acquisition from this land, the label is destined to be a niche product and a head-scratcher …

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New Responsive Website Launched for Mama Ibado Charity

We are pleased to launch a new web presence for Mama Ibado Charity, who’s mission is to alleviate poverty in Kenya amongst the elderly by embarking on a comprehensive care and support program. The fully-responsive site runs off of a WordPress platform and features an add-on Moneris Solutions/WooCommerce plug-in for visitors to make donations directly from their mobile phone or desktop system. Looking ahead to Phase 2, we are planning to add a fundraising meter that will automatically update on the site as donations are made. Check out the site at

lmaadminNew Responsive Website Launched for Mama Ibado Charity

How Addictive Is Your Hotel

To give you a new perspective on your guest service operations, let’s reframe a person’s hotel experience in terms of chemicals – specifically, how a brain responds to micro- and macro-interactions by releasing certain neurotransmitters. For those of us lacking a medical degree, neurotransmitters are the molecules your nervous system releases to dictate further bodily actions and emotional states of mind. (If you want to learn some more about how and where they work, consult a Wikipedia page near you.) Although there are dozens of these brain chemicals that have been identified, we’re going to focus on five widespread and powerful neurotransmitters as they relate to guest-staff relations – four good and one bad. On the positive end of the spectrum, I remember them by asking the simple, relevant and acronym-tinged question: how DOES a hotel elicit positive emotions from its guests? In this case, the ‘DOES’ stands for: dopamine, …

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Bring the Glamor Back

Even though it’s been nearly a year since it first hit theatres, Wes Anderson’s masterpiece “The Grand Budapest Hotel” still remains top of mind whenever a friend asks for a movie recommendation. It’s funny, well-acted and beautifully shot, so what’s not to love? But more than that, the film is a tribute to a bygone era of travel and ‘Old World’ hospitality when guests were eminently respected for their individual preferences and experienced managers were revered for their wisdom and commitment to their craft. I compare an everyday walk through the lobby of a branded, four-star property with those fantastical shots of Anderson’s titular hotel and my immediate thought is: we’ve lost something. Nowadays, we concern ourselves less with a sharp focus on developing strong person-to-person relationships and more with the multitude of number crunching tasks designed to squeeze as much profit out of our ever-dwindling margins. Yes, we should …

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A Healthy Team Means Healthy Profits

With April 7th as World Health Day, I thought it apt to speak for a bit on the topic and pay forward some of the knowledge I’ve accrued by reading various nutritional journals and books over the past few years. Chiefly, there is now undeniable evidence linking one’s eating habits and  fitness routine with one’s intelligence and  drive for success. While there still is a genetic component at work – that is, some people may be naturally more adept in some areas – and some more motivated to work than others, the bottom line is that the healthier you are, the more of your potential you will realize. That is a concept that everyone can get behind – hard work and devotion to a set goal will almost always trump innate talent. So, if you dedicate yourself to living a healthier lifestyle with more omega-3 fats, a bountiful portion of …

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