Arctic Combustion Dashboard Software Launched

This past week we launched a new web-based, dashboard ‘meter’ system for Arctic Combustion Limited. Based in Mississauga, Arctic Combustion is a full-service manufacturer of boilers and burner management systems for water and a wide range of fuels.

This password-protected section of their website allows customer to view gas and electrical consumption by the hour with updates every 20 minutes. The dsahboard system allows users to also compare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage. For clients or service providers, this means that they can better respond to changes in demand based on short-term fluctuations and long-term forecasts.

This ties into the current trend of replacing radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags with internet-ready tracking software. Utilizing dashboard software is just as reliable as RFID tags while simultaneously being more compatible and malleable.

Jerry GrymekArctic Combustion Dashboard Software Launched