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Conspicuous Conservation for Hotels

If you’ve ever taken a course in economics, you’ve likely heard the term ‘conspicuous consumption’ tossed around to describe the purchasing of goods or services as a means of publicly showing off one’s power and increasing one’s social status. Yellow Humvees, gaudy jewelry and bottle service at nightclubs are first to mind as is every other drug dealer cliché you can conjure. Now, however, this term has been retrofitted to account for the 21st century trend of people wanting to publicly signal their alleged altruism through the purchase of green or sustainable products. Although it’s a relatively recent phenomenon, conspicuous conservation is definitely one that you should embrace. While there are some lucrative marketing angles, the bottom line is that engaging in activities that are environmentally friendly will ultimately help our planet and potentially save you quite a bit of cash in the process. Even though your back-of-house upgrades are …

lmaadminConspicuous Conservation for Hotels
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The Power of Trees

The last Friday in April is Arbor Day, and with Earth Day occurring a few days earlier, it’s a good time to talk a little bit about the environment and how it relates to hospitality. Undoubtedly you’ve browsed through more than few articles discussing sustainable designs and how they can save oodles in long-term expenses on top of all the ensuing benefits for our environment. Moreover, you’ve probably come across several statistics demonstrating that modern consumers (particularly those falling in the younger demographics) are predisposed to like a brand even more if it has shown itself to be environmentally friendly. These two subjects are worthy of their own lengthy editorials and so I’ll leave them for another time. Instead, let’s focus on a few smaller topics. Arbor Day is truly devoted to trees and I want you to consider all the ways that trees impact our lives. Outside the obvious …

lmaadminThe Power of Trees

Sustainable hospitality gets green light

Green or environmentally friendly hotels are all the rage right now. And for good reason, too. Our environment needs a course correction and hotels, as leaders of the community, must be examples for others to follow. That, and more consumers are actively seeking out green properties when selecting their business or leisure accommodation. So, how do you start this process? What guidelines do you follow? What can you possibly implement on a rigorously tight budget? To briefly touch on the subject, I connected with Dagmar Ebaugh, the PR and Communications Manager at UL Environment, an independent safety science company whose mission is to advance the recognition of sustainable products and drive purchaser clarity by bringing trusted transparency to the green marketplace. Straight to the point, why should hotels care about sustainability? In the very aggressive hospitality market, it can be challenging for a property to differentiate itself from the competition. …

Larry MogelonskySustainable hospitality gets green light

Going Green To Be Seen

Going green is all the rage these days. It’s a benchmark we use to categorize modern, chic hotels and brands we want to identify with. And for good reason: upgrading your property to meet the ever-widening list of energy efficiency and resource conscious standards is a very noble pursuit – one that hopefully will be in vogue to perpetuity. These enhancements can take nearly any form, from simple or small to creative or omnipresent, and I commend you for improving your hotel(s) to help curb the rising energy demands and save our delicate ecosystems. But let’s take a step back and analyze why we are engaging in these pursuits and allocating precious dollars to this ‘responsible tourism’ movement. Whatever actions you take, the motivations fall into three broad categories: Adopting eco-friendly practices saves big on operational costs in the long run. Marketing a brand as eco-friendly generates greater customer appeal …

Larry MogelonskyGoing Green To Be Seen